Monday, February 13, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter C (Cow)

Last week we studied the letter  C and cows.  The theme was "God's Word helps me grow."

  It "just so happened" that we got to see a lot of cows when I took Ali to her friend's birthday party.  Her friend lives on a ranch.

C is for Cowboy.  You'll find lots of these in our state!  Our friend Justin saddled up Silver, his kids' little horse (which he got them for Christmas) and gave the girls pony rides.

I missed this calf's birth by about 3 minutes!  It was still amazing to see the mother tenderly care for her baby and push him to try to walk.  Poor little guy, coming from a warm womb onto the icy, snowy ground!

It sure seems like animals are proud of their babies and loving towards them!

First faceplant....poor little guy!

An hour later, the baby calf is standing and nursing!

C is for chicken!
  We went to a friend's home to see her goats, rabbits, sheep, cows, and chickens.  The boys were excited to be able to collect eggs in the hen house.  They brought home a dozen and we had them for supper!  (Though a dozen doesn't cut it for my enormous eaters!  The 4 of them polished off 16 eggs, plus side dishes!)

We made butter by pouring cream into containers with 3 clean marbles in each container and jumping up and down and shaking them.  Justus, whom we call "Jumping Bean" loved this activity!  We did it in teams of two and switched off with our partners.  It was nearly butter after 20 minutes, but we were worn out so we beat it with an electric mixer for a minute or two to make it into the final, solid consistency.

Homemade butter calls for homemade rolls!  It was delicious!

Katri thought so!  She was licking the butter off of her bun!

Justus said all of the sticker animals on his binder page were chasing each other around the page.

C is for cute!  This little girl sure is coddled by everyone in our family!

And she's also a copycat!  She wants to do everything Ali does.  She constantly steals her sister's purse, calculator, flashlight, schoolbooks, etc. because she's so fascinated by what Ali's doing.  Here she looks to see if sister noticed that she is getting into Ali's tea party set-up.

We also watched the cookie monster song, "C is for Cookie" on youtube and made Daddy's favorite sugar cookies together.  We couldn't find the book the curriculum suggested at our library, so we found it in movie format and watched it and talked about it.

We talked about words that begin with C and foods we enjoy that are made with cow's milk.  We also had lots of celery since we got 4 or 5 stalks in our Bountiful Basket!

We finished up the Primer math video with Math-U-See so this week Ali will start on Alpha.
We finished up our read-aloud we've been reading since early January.  The kids LOVED this book and I have to confess that I did too and had more than a few moments where I could hardly read aloud due to tears!  I highly recommend this book!

We also joined my mom's class from the Christian School and passed out Valentines to the local nursing home residents.  It's always such a blessing to do that and see how much the residents love interacting with little kids!  One lady said, "It's been a long, long time since I've had a Valentine." 
Once a month my mom's school has hot lunch so we also joined them for Pizza Hut pizza and Valentine cookies after the nursing home trip.


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