Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yesterday Jer Bear celebrated 5 years!  We ate Lucky Charms, blueberry muffins, Ramen noodles, fruit snacks, and olive pizza at his request for our meals.  He got the Lightning McQueen umbrella he's been wanting for a year, as well as some Cars 2 toys, a Cars scooter, a Bobcat (machine) toy, a huge stuffed alligator, and a few other things.  We took the day off of school and watched Cars 2 together.  It was an exciting and fun day, and it was especially nice that we didn't have the stomach flu, as we've had 4 other years on or close to his birthday!  It's hard to believe 5 years have gone by!  We love our sweet, tender-hearted little guy and it's exciting to see him growing and becoming more mature.

Jeremiah wanted a snowmobile cake.  I couldn't find a snowmobile toy, after checking in at least 7 stores, so I made him one from duplo blocks, and he still loved it!


Sarah @ Frugal Fun for Boys said...

Hi! I got a copy of MSM's new book to review on my blog today, and saw your story about saving for a camera in the first chapter. That's awesome!

My 8 year old just walked up to see what I was doing, and he really liked your snowmobile cake! Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Peachtree said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Isn't it great that children have good imaginations?!? I'm not the most creative cake decorator, but my children invariably LOVE the results! I've started letting them decorate their own cakes, and that is a big hit for us both! :)

LS said...

Thanks Sarah! I haven't gotten a copy yet myself but should be getting a free one since I have a mention in it! I'm glad your son liked the cake. It was probably the easiest one I've done yet!

Great idea Peachtree!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jer ladies!

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