Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooking With Kate--A Recipe for Cute Pics

A Recipe for Cute Pictures

First you find your inspiration, whether it be a theme, a place, or a cute prop,
like this teeny tiny apron I found in our Closet Thrift Store in the basement. 
I don't know who gave it to us, but it is darling!


In advance lay out everything you need for the "recipe"
by brainstorming how you can piggyback off of the cute prop...

Add your cute little darling to the mix, and you will definitely have the most important part of your recipe!  Be sure your little one is well-rested and fed beforehand so the mood of the shoot is cheerful and not filled with tears.

Let your little one have fun!  Be less about posing her/him and more about watching him/her and catching her/his delight and exploration....

Put all these ingredients in a pan called SIMPLE.  You want to simplify your background and exclude anything that would be a distraction and take away from the photo instead of adding to it.

Add a dash of humor and a pinch of fun on top by being silly or singing their favorite song....

...and bake in an oven of LOVE!  Remember the camera looks both ways...a photo is never just about what is in the picture but about how you FEEL about what's in the picture.  These are not just pictures of Katrielle, they are pics of this Mama's heart too....

Ta-Da!  Follow this recipe for super-sweet pics of your little ones!


kseedfaith said...

Lindsey I LOVE it! Great post and GREAT pictures!

Kristin said...


k said...

I think all your kids look alike, and usually see Jo in them - but in this photo shoot Katri looks just like you!

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