Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Katrielle is One!

Last Friday, our tiny girl had a birthday!

I'm so thankful God has blessed our family with this little one! 
She is such a delight to us.

She LOVES the song "I'm a Little Teapot" so I ended up decorating her room with that theme.  We also decided to do a teapot birthday for her.  I found a darling cloth teapot set at the thrift store and washed it really well for her.  I also found a musical tea seat (new-in-box) this summer at a yard sale for $1 which I gave her. 

I stuck two cupcakes together and made this cake.

Opening gifts chosen and wrapped by her brothers!  Yay!

Alathia chose this crown and jewels toy for Katri because her name means "God is My Crown."

Having 3 big siblings is a ready-made party!

My brother Grant, who works in the oil industry in Pennsylvania, just came home for a visit and was able to come to her party.  But Kate is going through a timid stage, especially with Grandpas and Uncles, so she was not happy about him holding her!

And even though she's seen a lot of Uncle Colter recently, she didn't want him to hold her either!

My mom got her a little tea set that makes pouring sounds and says "Please" and "Thank You"
She loved it soooo much she wouldn't put the tea cups down, not even to drink her bottle!

At lunchtime, we ended up going to the Mexican restaurant to see my brother and had a great time, as my entire family was together.  Since it was her birthday, the waitresses brought out the birthday sombrero and sang to Katrielle and gave her a free birthday dessert of fried ice-cream....

....which everyone was happy to eat for her since she's too little for sweets!
(These pics are from my mom's old camera--so they're not the best quality!)

Someone gave us this brand-new dress for Katri and I thought it would be perfect if it had a little teapot on it.  My friend Amanda found some darling teacup fabric at the thrift store for me, and I used it to sew an applique on the dress and teacup sleeve cuffs.  I even made a little hair band to match.  I love having little girls to dress up!

All in all, I think it was a pretty wonderful day for our little Kay-kay!  We are excited to see how she learns and grows this coming year.  She is our "mystery girl" whom we haven't quite figured out yet.  She is sometimes compliant and mellow, sometimes stubborn and strong-willed, sometimes a go-getter, sometimes a cuddler, sometimes quiet and shy, sometimes outgoing and loud, but always very curious!  (The kids and I sometimes call her "Curious Kate" instead of Curious George.)  She has had a rough month, with a bad cold that lasted 3 weeks, pink eye, roseola, an ear infection, and cutting her eye teeth, but on her birthday she was perfectly healthy and happy, go figure!  October and November are rough months in our town as far as sickness goes, so not having to cancel her party felt like a miracle!


Thia said...

I'm sorry she's been so sick! It's tradition around here for the kids to not be well on their first birthday! Naomi was actually the healthiest in that the only thing wrong with her was a tough teething day.
I love the tea pot stuff, so cute!

stamplady said...

Only you could use that granny fabric and make an adorable little outfit out of it!!!!! I need you to teach me how to do that!

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