Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Father's World--The Letter D (Dinosaur)

We spent 2 weeks on Dinosaurs because they are such a popular subject with our boys.  And I still had tons of ideas I was going to do with them that we didn't get to!

As a special treat, we had donuts for snack one day!

I went to for some printables, including this dino math worksheet
on counting by 5's for Ali.  (Thanks to my friend Kristin for this tip!)

My bulk food order arrived just in time!  We have 10# of dinosaur nuggets in the freezer.  The kids enjoyed playing with/eating them for lunch a couple of times.  I won't tell you what they called the ketchup.....eeww!

One day we made these Little Foot crafts.  Our kids love to borrow The Land Before Time movies from the library, so they love Little Foot and all of his friends.  They went to the library with Daddy one evening and picked out "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Dora" because they both had D's in them!

We colored some pictures of their favorite dinosaurs and got their binder pages made.  This week's theme was "Big and small, God made them all."

Katri even got in on some of the action, playing dinosaurs with her bros.

This book, which we ordered a couple of months ago, used, on was an EXCELLENT read.  We read it through a couple of times and talked a lot about what happened to the dinosaurs and why they are extinct, questions my kids have often asked.  I found, like my friend Kristin, that most of the books in the library on dinosaurs stated a lot of things as fact that are mere theory.  For this reason, I think this is a great book to buy if you are doing this curriculum or have kids interested in dinosaurs and want a creationist perspective.

Justy doing a magnetic dinosaur puzzle we have.

The kids tacked a sign to the wall that said:  Reptile Gardens

They used their blankets to make various pens in which their animal pets could live in.  They had a dinosaur section, as well as bugs, lizards, a monkey play area, an elephant pen, etc.

The snow only lasted a couple of days but they sure had fun in it while it was here!  It was little K.K.'s first time to play in it!

We also read lots of dinosaur books, which the boys were thrilled about!  I would have liked to have them do a dinosaur puppet play, use their dinosaur ink stamps to make dino cards, make dinosaur stompers (I've been saving kleenex boxes for months so that we could paint them, glue claws on, and use them as dino shoes), dig for pretend dinosaur bones, make dinosaur bone pictures out of pasta, etc. but alas, it was not to be!  In this two-week span we had our first big snow, Halloween/Harvest Party activities, Jer's 5th birthday, a Beth Moore conference I attended, my first-ever wedding photographer job, the AWANA talent show, our weekly Truth Project Bible Study, Pray and Play, a birthday luncheon I hosted for my brother, a family dinner, etc. etc. 
Next year I plan to use this same curriculum for the boys since we are all loving it.  This year I'm just using it as a pre-school curriculum, and next year we will go through it as Jeremiah's formal Kindergarten curriculum.  So, next year, hopefully we will get to do some of the activities we didn't get to this year!


Peachtree said...

Wow, I'm loving all of your schooling posts, Lindsay! I stand in awe of your creativity in coming up with so many activities & crafts for your children! :) I guess we're just all made differently!

My first grader is going to our church school (within walking distance, I'm so blessed!) So it seems like most of my children's 'projects' are helping us with what we're doing (which they love), and going to their desk, which is always loaded with papers,crayons & lots of etc. to make whatever their hearts desire.

I would love to do more purposeful crafting with them . . . but I also want to just balance where we ar. Just because I see others doing all these neat things, doesn't mean I can 'do it all' too. But I still love being inspired by what you & others are doing!

Blessings to you & yours!

Lesley said...

I just love following along on your homeschooling adventures! It always looks so interesting and fun for your kids! How did the wedding go? Was it as difficult as you were anticipating?

Thia said...

Very exciting stuff! I am going to check out that link you shared for printables. Last year when I did a preschool for my son and really enjoyed which has a dino for (nearly) every letter of the alphabet.

stamplady said...

donuts and chicken nuggets sound like a lunch I would love to eat!

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