Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tips for Homeschooling--Part Three--Personal Discipline

You can't expect your kids to do what you won't do.

If you want your kids to love the Word, they need to see you loving the Word and reading it daily.

If you want your kids to make their beds, you need to make your bed.
If you want your kids to be giving and unselfish, you need to be giving and unselfish.

If you want your kids to be organized and responsible, you need to be organized and responsible.

If you want the kids to do their chores you need to model a strong work ethic and do your chores.

If you want your kids to avoid excessive amounts of video games/computers/TV you need to as well.

If you want your kids to respect their Dad, you need to model respect.
If you want your kids to love books and learning, you need to read books relating to your interests and goals.

Our kids are watching and imitating us every second. My daughter started biting her nails because she's seen me do it! Isn't it scary to hear your child giving a lecture to their siblings in "that tone" that they always receive a lecture in? One of the most important lessons I've learned in my short time of parenting is that I have to BE what I want my children to BE. This is hard stuff! When you homeschool your children and they are with you all day long, you have that much more opportunity to inspire them by example, or exasperate them! We can all grow in the area of personal discipline; no one has this down! Our lack of personal discipline is good motivation to get on our knees and pray for God's help in this. He is faithful to help us grow in the area of personal discipline. Having personal discipline is a key component of a successful homeschool.


Lea said...

I don't homeschool (I'm in the private christian school category in your survey :) ) but the truth of this has convicted me so hard in the last two years. I have 4-year-old twins.

I think of all the things I do that I definately don't want my children to do - procrastination is a big one! - and have been actively working on it. I still struggle but it's getting better and my children aren't doing it! That's the biggest reward, though crossing things off my to-do list feels pretty good too! (As does getting things done.)

Kids copy everything you do and say. I agree. Having the discipline to be the person I want my children to be is VERY difficult. But it is so worth it!

Thanks for this post!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

So True!! Thanks for the reminder.

Lesley said...

I agree with you 100% and thanks for the valuable reminders!!

S. and Company said...

:o) I felt like saying, "Amen, Sister!"
I've been thinking a lot about the need to be more disciplined in my own life lately. I was encouraged and reminded whenI read your post, and it came at a great time as I've started to try to implement some personal improvements this week!
I also enjoyed your other recent posts about homeschooling!

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