Monday, September 28, 2009

Standing Stones

Today, I feel the need to erect some "standing stones." Some rememberances of how God has been faithful to encourage my faith in a time when I need it most. If you think of any that I've forgotten or want to share some of your own I would appreciate it.

Many tears and prayers through childhood and God has restored my parents and given them a good marriage.

All the lonely times of hoping for love, feeling unloved, wondering if I would ever meet a special someone, and God answered so amazingly and gave me Josiah.

Not knowing where I should go to college and God opened the doors at just the right time so that I knew where He was leading step by step.

When I was confused about Josiah and I's relationship and frustrated God spoke to me so clearly and loudly as I turned around when I was praying and saw a poster on the wall that had a verse that encouraged me and spoke to the situation. Many times he held me up through the questions and angst I had in our relationship.

God's enveloping love that was with me when I was terribly homesick at college.

God delivered us from trial after trial with old cars in our first couple of years of marriage. Always provided jobs for us.
When Alathia joined the family Josiah got a job that paid $2 more an hour, which was perfect timing. Continued raises as our family grows, allowing me to stay home.

Our minivan--we're driving an answer to prayer.
Justus turning around from breech position at the last moment.

Our current rental--we prayed for windows, sunlight, and a fenced yard and got a place we really love and have been very happy in

When we prayed for neighbors to reach out to with the gospel, God more than delivered! We spent a difficult, wonderful, crazy, exciting, couple of years next door to our friends from Mexico. Be careful what you pray for!

When I was terrified of going to public High School God answered all of my prayers for Christian friends and gave me some of the most incredible, godly teens on earth. Our prayer groups, Bible studies, and outreach events were amazing.

God brought us through the long, arduous home delivery of Alathia and the boys' hospital births with healthy babies and no major complications, huge answers to prayer.

God has always provided when there has been a big financial need. He made a way for us to pay for or pay off all of our children and we have never gone hungry, or without medical care.

God brought in the money somehow for me to go to college for 3 years when I thought it would never happen.

When Josiah broke his wrist and couldn't work much, I didn't know how we were going to survive financially, but God provided, through anonymous gifts, our savings and ability to be frugal, through babysitting jobs for me, through Josiah's ability to work one-armed, etc.

God kept me safe on the treacherous, icy drive to Billings and back with my hurt husband. Many safe trips to and from MN too.

God has kept Josiah safe in many situations at work that could have left me widowed.

God has protected my wayward brother from being seriously hurt or killed in two accidents in the last year.

God touched me with healing for a physical ailment when I was in a lot of pain.

This is just the beginning. But is enough to redirect my heart. Trust. He was faithful. He is faithful. He will be faithful.


Delchi, Krista, Sabria and Ariana said...

Thank you Lindsey,
I was very encouraged just reading how the Lord has been faithful to you. He has been so faithful to us too. ~Krista

Thia said...

I know I haven't been dropping by as much as I used to. Things are crazy here, as I am sure you understand. I do think about you and pray for you often though. Hugs. May your day be marked by the generous measure of His grace and the wonder of simple pleasures.

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