Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thoughts from the Retreat #2


One thing that was continually mentioned by our speaker at the retreat was the importance of having a "running buddy" or accountability partner to spur us on in our goals and commitments. I love this concept and was glad to hear from a missionary and pastor's wife of many years that you never stop needing one of these no matter how old you are, who you are married to, or how many retreats you speak at. I am fortunate enough to have some running buddies in my life. One of them helps me stay on track with baby-weight-loss and eating when I feel the need to lose or to exercise more or cut back on the sweets and chocolate. That same friend and I are helping each other stay accountable with some budgeting stuff right now as well as we found ourselves struggling this summer to stay on track. My Bible Study group encourages me to study and read and memorize verses, and sharing openly on my blog about daily schedules and homeschooling is a form of accountability for me as I feel the need to continue what I've started and press on, knowing that I'm responsible to live out what I write. My mom reminds me that I need to control my tongue. My brother Colter often has a word of wisdom when I'm in a tough circumstance. Since my little girl is a by-the-book firstborn she even holds me accountable and reminds me of things ("Don't forget to pray for people in the Christmas Card stack tonight Mom!")

In addition to having running buddies I want to be one for the friends in my life. I often ask friends what God is teaching them, what struggles they are having, or look for opportunities to encourage them. Someday I would love to lead a Teen Girl's Bible Study and I hope to give a Modesty Talk this winter to the girls in our church. I'm praying about a few friends God is bringing into my life that I hope to disciple or help. I want to be a listening ear for women younger than myself and be a mentor even as I am mentored by older, wiser women too.

If you don't have a "running buddy" in your life start praying for God to bring someone special into your life! I'd love to hear what your running buddies are helping you with right now!

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