Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Supplies

I promise that not all of my posts from now on will be about homeschooling! However, I enjoy sharing the things I'm learning as I study on this subject and begin this journey with my children!

My cousin Val gave me these old tubs she had laying around which she wasn't using and it was perfect timing since I was wanting some to organize some of my supplies. I devoted one large shelf in my hall closet to homeschooling stuff and this is where I stash all of these containers and my large cardboard box full of odds and ends and workbooks.


Heather said...

What a nice gift! I can't imagine ever not needing bins anymore--it seems the opposite is always true! :)

Lesley said...

Hey Lindsey! Chatting Wednesday should work great for me! About what time works for you? You're an hour earlier, right? I am helping to lead cubbies at awanas at our church that night but should be home a little after 8. I should be ready for chatting around 9 p.m. my time if that's not too late for you.
Once a month on Wednesdays should be a good place to start. We can always make it more often as we go along if we want to and if it works. Oh, and I can call you every time. I have unlimited long distance on my home phone. Looking forward to talking with you soon -- take care!

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