Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yard Saling Treasures!

Another organizational find! Hurray! My friend Lori has one of these 6-high baskets for her daughter's clothes, and I've always wanted one too. $3 at a yard sale! Now instead of having all of Jer's clothes in one rubbermaid tub on a shelf, he has them organized according to shirts, shorts, PJs, pants, etc.
Brand new package of birthday invites (for Justus' upcoming first birthday), brand new Animal Bingo game, and brand new package of lens cleaner for glasses. Underneath these items is a brand new serving tray that can be used to serve meals in bed or in front of the TV. I thought it would be fun to have as a special treat for when the kids are sick and just want to lay on the couch.

Little bear-shaped glass jar--10 cents
I will put this in my gift stash and fill it with gummy bears for a kid's birthday treat

Hiking boots for Ali. Hard to believe our girl is wearing sizes 12 and 13 now!!!

Cute sundress-50 cents

New socks-10 cents

New boys' shorts--50 cents

This entire box of sand-art crafts was 50 cents. I had seen something like this online on clearance for $1 a package but I'm so glad now that I didn't buy it since I found these. These will be perfect preschool-at-home crafts this winter. Many of them are meant to be Christmas ornaments so these will make nice Christmas gifts for the great grandmas!

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the momma said...

trying not to be envious of all your great finds....

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