Monday, July 6, 2009

Closing Down the Zoo

As June drew to a close, I began to greatly look forward to the coming of July. It seems like May and June were a blur of activity that just swallowed us up. The things we were involved in were great things and we don't have any regrets, but after having my hub's birthday, Father's Day, our anniversary, Fourth of July, 5 Day Clubs, company visiting us, picnics galore, etc. I relish the chance to stay at home and enjoy some lazy summer days in our much-less-busy weeks in mid-July. Of course there will always be poopy bottoms to wipe and bills to pay, things to prepare for, and dishes to wash, but I am going to take it slow-ER for a few weeks!

I really appreciated my friend Natalie's post on this very subject (and I copied her phrase for my title!) She is a Youth Pastor's wife who is accustomed to busy times with church activities and little ones. I so appreciated her thoughts on taking time to invest in her family. I, too, need to get back to healthier eating habits after loads of picnic food, and take even more shortcuts to carve out more time to rest and stay home. I continue to strive to mother with gentleness and it's much easier to do so when there is less on my plate. I am reminded of my need to sit down and take stock of what we are involved in as a family and make sure that what our days are swallowed up with are the things that are top priority. I'm continually learning that the simple life doesn't just happen. Like exercise, it takes effort to pursue simplicity. There are so many good things I can be doing; things to further my kids' education, things that my parents want me to do for them, things that my friends invite me to, cute gifts I could be sewing for people, things that help someone in need, etc. but I need to carefully evaluate everything in light of what God wants me to do and to be involved with.

So, this week I'll be contemplating how I will "Close Down the Zoo" for a time. Check back in a few days as I'll share how it's going!


S. and Company said...

Hi Lindsey!
Thanks so much for the link! (I told Steve that I'm going to be famous now because you linked me!) ;o)
May God bless and rejuvinate your family as you "close down the zoo"!
with love,

The Three 22nds said...

I need to close down our's not going to happen for awhile though, so it seems.

good luck, curious to see your plan!

the momma said...

I hear ya!

found this & thought jer would love it!

S. and Company said...

Hi again! I found the blog article that first inspired us to "close down the zoo". Just thought you might be interested! :o)

LS said...

Thanks Natalie!

Thanks themomma! That is a cute project I'll have to make this winter when I have more time to sew!

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