Friday, August 16, 2013

Justus is 5!!!

It's hard to believe our "Little J" is 5 years old today!
5 Reasons I'm glad to have him in our family:
1.  His hugs are the tightest and most enthusiastic.
2.  He smiles a LOT.
3.  He gets excited over the tiniest things (like the boxes his gifts come in or a special snack)
4.  He's always thinking, creating, and conquering.  He taught himself to read last week!
5.  He keeps us laughing with his funny statements and outrageous antics.
Ali made him a birthday hat that says, "Sir Justus the First."

One day, when checking on the kids in the backyard, Josiah and I found Justus launching buckets of water on a make-shift catapault.

Justus wears swimming trunks every day in the summer!

Always climbing, running, jumping, biking, or scootering around!

When we celebrated his birthday a few days early with his grandparents from MN, he plugged his ears for the birthday song.  Typical Justus!
He was thrilled with some cool, new shoes that light up.
He needed some new shoes!

A blue hat with a bear on it, from Yellowstone.

Justus requested sprinkled donuts for breakfast, Ham n' Cheese Pockets for lunch, and Chili for supper for his birthday.  He wants a Spiderman cake for the family party tonight.  My folks went in with us to get him a Ziggle for his birthday, which I know he will love!

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