Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gold Rush Days at South Pass City

My parents and I and the kids had a picnic at South Pass City during Gold Rush Days.

Jer in a jail cell.  It was very dark and dank in there (my camera flash is lighting it up here).
We all agreed that we'd have preferred a hanging to staying there long-term!

A blacksmith demonstrated how to make nails, then gave each of the kids one to take home.

In the "print shop" the kids got to make a South Pass City bookmark on the old printing press.

Ali, Jer, and I went for a wagon ride in a 100+ year old wagon.  We got to loop all around South Pass and go up and down a few hills and go really fast at one point.

My dad took these pics with my camera. 
(We're squished into the back row)

The Pony Express demonstration was cool.  One rider rode into town at a gallop, stopped just long enough to throw the leather saddlebags onto this guy's horse, and then he was off at a gallop!

A trip to Gold Rush Days wouldn't be complete without a chance to pan for gold.

Even my folks got really into it.  Dad found a few flecks of gold.

My lovely mom, searching for gold.

Jer seeking gold.

Anvil blasting is LOUD!!!  Every hour on the hour they blow the anvil into the sky.  And every time, I know what to expect but I end up screaming, because it's just that heart-thumping loud!!!

The anvil, up in the sky.

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