Monday, August 19, 2013

Goals for the Week

Last Week's Goals

Spiritual Health
1. Read through the book of Acts
Finished a little over half of the book.
2. Catch up on Bible Study chapters/homework.
3. Study theology in prep for a couple of different discussions with friends, for fun!
4. Give my husband a really nice massage with essential oils as he's been having shoulder pain.

3. Finish our read-aloud this week.
4. Have the kids deep-clean their bedrooms which look like the sites of a bean-bag explosion and a bead tornado.
5. Wash all the sleeping bags and laundry from our camping trip.

6. Clean the guest room out when company leaves.

7. Visit a cousin and her sweet kids in another town, a fun "summer get-together" both of our kids requested this year.

8. Write to our sponsored child, Worke.

9. Water my mom's garden for her while she's out of town.
Ended up not needing to do this, since my Dad, who was supposed to do it, actually did it!

9. Be in bed every night at 11pm.
Most nights, but not all!
10. Do Pilates 1x, go for two 20-30 min. walks, jog 1x
Only jogged once!  I was pretty tired and not feeling 100% this week so exercise got put off.

Minimalist Living
11. Delete 2,000 photos.
I got on a roll and deleted at least 10,000 photos. 
But still hundreds of thousands more to go!
12. Re-organize the homeschool closet.
Came away with another apple-box full of stuff to get rid of.
13. Wrap Justus' birthday gift and prepare birthday meals/decorations for his family party on Friday.
14. Tally my receipts and figure out my monthly budget.
This week's goal:
Have fun!!!
After 3 straight weeks of hosting company and being as busy as bees, I'm taking a week of Sabbath to be refreshed before we begin the rigors of academics again.  So, my goal for this week is to rest, relax, enjoy the kids, read a lot of fun books to them, play some board games with them, have lots of playdates and try to beat the heat as it is supposed to be 95 every day this week.  Of course, as a Mom, I'm never truly "off duty" and there will be plenty of things I need to do, like the never-ending mountain of laundry, but I'm going to have a week of calm and rest insofar as I'm able!


Thia said...

Would you mind terribly if I borrowed your goal template?

LS said...

Feel free friend! I copied Crystal's idea myself!

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