Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last fall I discovered Thirty-One.  Maybe some of you have been buying it for a while, but here in Wyoming, I think it's an understatement to say, "We're behind the times."
I love Thirty-One so much that my friends all think I should sell it.   However, I hate doing sales work and would rather just support my cousin who sells it rather than sell it myself.  My cousin teases me about the number of totes I own and the amount of stuff I'm currently drooling over but ultimately she loves my business! =) I did host a party for her, via Skype, since she lives in another state.  I was sure I would barely make the minimum sales perk and would get $20 of free credit at the most.  Little did I know that Thirty-One sells itself!  My party went to $800 in no time (even though only 3 friends were able to attend--many friends ordered online) and I got 2 half-price items, over $100 in free products, and some hostess exclusives.  And don't even get me started on their yearly 70% off sale!  I have to hold myself's the most exciting clearance of my year!  I also look for Thirty-One used.  When a friend stopped selling it, she sold a lot of her items for half-price on the local Mom's Swap page.
While you can be an organized woman, a prepared mommy, and a homeschooler without Thirty-One.....this stuff definitely makes it easier!  I'll give you a tour of some of my favorite bags.
The large utility tote is the perfect library book bag for a "homeschooler's load."  Between trips to and from the library, it keeps the books together and tidy on our homeschool table.  How many bags can boast that they are large enough to hold a homeschool family's library books?
The organizing utility tote is WONDERFUL for my cleaning supplies.  I leave it in the back of my van so I'm always ready to go for my cleaning jobs that I do on Friday afternoons.  I got this for half-price from my friend.  These bags are far easier to move from room to room when you are cleaning than a bulky plastic cleaning caddy.

Got this $30 organizing utility tote for $10 from the Thirty-One clearance sale.  I've never had a better park bag that keeps 6 or 7 water bottles/smoothies upright and not leaking all over.  Love the organizing utility tote!

My other large utility tote is great for fetching my Bountiful Basket each week, holds tons of groceries, makes a great beach bag, and holds a lot for weekend trips/camping.  I often take this to church loaded with junk to give to other people and inevitably it's full by the time we get home.  The only bag that really holds a 6-person-family's stuff when you go somewhere!

Because I turned 31 this year and I love the company Thirty-One sooooo much, I thought it would be criminal to buy anything else with my birthday money this year.  I was glad to be able to score the weekender bag in my favorite print for half-price.

For hosting a party, I got this hostess exclusive, a camera backpack, with a matching water bottle thermal.  It has made my photo shoots easier and keeps all of my camera gear handy on hikes and trips.  I use the water bottle thermal every day!  It keeps my water nice and cool on hot summer days.
Got this for 1/4 of the original price on the clearance sale!
I use my thermal totes nearly every day.  We picnic/hike/bike a lot and the small one is great for quick snacks for church and soccer games and the larger one holds enough food for the whole clan.

I got this one for 1/3 of the original price from a friend who used to sell Thirty-One.

My mom wanted some Thirty-One so for Mother's Day I gave her a couple of my older pieces, since she liked the colors a lot, and upgraded to this pretty turquoise bag.  So now, my mom has the black polka-dot organizing utility tote and I use this as my park bag!

I got this free with my hostess credit.  It keeps our homeschool area neat and I can find everything quickly.

I got this little pouch for my first-aid kit and bug balm.  I have to get into this thing DAILY... unfortunately....sometimes even 3 or 4 times a day!  My boys are not careful!  But looking at the cute pictures helps the screaming child calm down while I bandage them up!
I'm not being paid or rewarded for promoting Thirty-One.  I just love it....(in case you couldn't tell already)!!!  This month is the only month they are offering the Large Utility Tote in the adorable flip-flop print.  If you spend $31 or more you get a Large Utility Tote for $10.  Go in with a friend and each of you could get a Large Utility Tote for $26, including tax and shipping!
Don't have a Thirty-One consultant already?  No matter where you live, you can order from my cousin Hallie in MN here: 

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