Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Josiah is 30!

Today my guy entered the "middle ages" and joined me in the 30's.  We usually just do something with our own family of 6 for his birthday but this year I told him I'd be throwing him a big party since it is a milestone year! 

One of our family traditions is to have the birthday person choose the day's menu. 

Josiah chose:

Cowboy coffeecake for breakfast (I also cooked up some bacon for him as a surprise...which he loved!)

Grilled cheese sandwiches and pickles for lunch (one of his favorite childhood lunches that his mom used to make into the shape of a butterfly, with the pickle as the body...)

Cook-out/BBQ for dinner

Cake and lots of ice-cream (his nightly dessert)

He got lots of junk food, and even some yummy homemade cookies, as gifts from his friends, who know the way to Josiah's heart is through his stomach.  Some sweet friends of ours who always bless us with extra elk and deer gave him a big box of frozen meat and hamburger as a birthday gift.  What a HUGE blessing!  I'm so grateful for that meat and for friends that are so generous.

I'm thankful for a husband who grows more like Christ each and every year.  I love watching him be a great Daddy to our kids, I love that he's expanded his views and has grown so much in graciousness and peacemaking over the years and that his goal in life is to be a servant and live for the Lord no matter what job he's doing or what town he's living in.  He isn't perfect, and marriage isn't always easy, but as we've "grown up" together over the last decade I've realized that relationships can get better with age!  Aging is a great thing, not something to be feared or dreaded!

Josiah loves watching Danny MacAskill videos on youtube.  Hey, even I have to admit that guy can do unearthly things on a bike.  I made him a Packer's-colored mountain with Danny jumping over his "Over the Hill" sign.

Packers colors for a cheesehead!  I don't know how my hubby came out of MN a Packer's fan and not a Vikings fan!  Most of the guys in WY are Bronco nuts.  I found this cheesehead hat at a yard sale this summer.  It came in handy on the food table, which, quite ironically, was missing cheese as part of the spread!

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