Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Josiah is an exceptional daddy!  He definitely deserved to be spoiled on Father's Day.
We celebrated the night before Father's Day with a family dinner of his choice (corn dogs, french fries, waffle fries, buffalo wings, chips and salsa, etc.) and he taught me to play Disc Golf, one of his new favorite sports, while the kids ran along behind us.  It was a fun evening!

On Father's Day evening we went to my parent's house to celebrate with my dad.  Josiah was gone on a downhill mountain-biking ride he'd planned for several of the men and teen guys in our church.  I brought homemade apple pie and coffee smoothies, two things my dad really likes.

I've been waiting over a year to be able to do a card like this with the 2-4-6-8 theme.  Using lots of duct tape (the perfect addition to a man's card), we made one of these cards for each of the grandpas and Daddy too.  The kids stamped their handprints on the back of the cardstock behind their photo, and they signed their names next to their handprint.

The kids biked around the pasture while Boppa watched.

Josiah got home before dark from his wild 3-hour ride down the mountain, and wasn't too tired to goof off with the kids a bit.

A huge milestone in KK's life!  She has normally been very afraid of guys, especially men with mustaches.  Though Boppa has tried for 2 years to win her over, constantly supplying her with chocolate treats, she would never let him hold her.  On Father's Day, she allowed him to hold her, kiss her, and she even gave him a kiss!  Hurray!
Father's Day wouldn't be complete without some shooting!  My brothers used to chase each other around wildly shooting the nerf bows.

KK sits on a log, pretending to ride a horsey.  My dad and hubby are building
another log cabin for someone this summer.
They peel the logs by hand!  (In case you're wondering, my dad wears copper bracelets on his wrist, and has for years, because they help his wrists feel better!)

The family athlete becomes a "log walker" and spent an hour just balancing on the logs.
He did manage, as usual, to get a bloody nose when he pushed his sister in the swing and didn't get out of the way in time, and he also ended up slipping a few times and straddling the log hard!

My kids' Daddy has modeled a love for sports for them, especially biking, but most importantly, he takes time every day to teach them about the Lord, read the Bible to them, pray with them, and give them lots of hugs and love!
I'm so thankful for him and also for a Dad who raised me in the Truth!


BW said...

My hubby loves disc golf as well! Our kids each have a disc and love to play with daddy! I've played a few times but must admit I don't get the attraction! :)

So glad your back to blogging! I've been a reader for a few years and missed reading about your sweet family.

LS said...

Thanks BW!

I like disc golf okay, but am not obsessed like the guys we know!

Glad to hear I actually have some readers out there!

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