Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We made a Summer Bucket List so that we could be sure to include a few of everyone's favorites in our summertime activities.
Here are the goals my kids and I came up with:
Do the Library Summer Program
Ali-Go to Pioneer School at the museum for a week
Josiah and I-10th Anniversary getaway trip
Visit the local museum
Have some friends and their families over for dinner
Visit some parks we've never been to before
Ride Boppa's horses
Make a water sensory blob
Go on family bikes rides
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Swim in the backyard pool almost every day
Visit Yellowstone with Josiah's parents
KK-play with Abigail and "Emmy" her friends
Do a Family Movie Night
Summer matinee movies at the theater for $1
Go to the park in Thermopolis and have ice-cream with cousins
Go to the Circus
Go swimming at the local pool
Justus-have a family birthday party in August
Celebrate Daddy's big 30th birthday with a BBQ party
Attend a couple of Vacation Bible Schools
Host a 5-Day Club and help feed the teen missionaries
Lake Days with friends
4th of July fun--picnics, fireworks, parade, rodeo, etc.
Camp a couple of times as a family
Attend Lego Club (Ali) and Jr. Lego Club (the boys) at the library
Eat lots of ice-cream
Lots of hanging out with friends
Attend the weekly church sport's nights/fellowship nights when we can
Playdates with Ansley, CC and Diana, Heidi, Eli, Stella and Celeste, Carston, and Dylan
Attend Gold Rush Days at South Pass City
Have lots of leisure time for fun in the sun and relaxing
The MOST IMPORTANT goal of our summer is to get into the Word of God.  No matter who you are or what your responsibilities, it is always a fight to make God's Word a priority and you have to make the time or it won't happen.  I have seen how easily even church activities and homeschool studies can crowd out family Bible time.  So....here is what our family is doing to make sure that doesn't happen.  If nothing else happens on our Summer Bucket List, I want to make sure that this stuff happens:
We are continuing to listen to Daddy read to them from the Bible every night
Having morning devotional time with Mom (Going through Thriving Family magazines' 60 Day Trip around the World praying for the nations)
Memorizing the ABC verses (26 verses printable I found online)
Ali and I:  Mother/Daughter tea time Bible Study every Friday morning
Me-weekly Bible Study that my mom leads in the summer-this summer we're doing "Having a Mary Spirit" by Joanna Weaver.
Take the kids to 5-Day Club, as well as church and Sunday School
Ali-personal Quiet Time once a day where she is looking up Bible verses for our study
Educational Goals:
Ali and Jer:  Read/listen to books for 1,200 minutes during the month of the library program challenge
Justus and KK:  listen to 600 minutes of stories
Ali and Jer: 1-2 pages of Math each weekday
Ali:  Learn cursive, do 1-2 pages in cursive workbook copying Scripture
Jer:  Practice handwriting, reading, and writing for 10-20 minutes a day
Ali and Jer-taking a free, 3-day class at the library in June called Word Play
Ali and Jer--taking a free, 3-day class at the library in July called Let's Pretend
Working on their Nature Notebooks (which they love) as we explore God's creation
Make a Gold Rush Days lapbook
Make a lapbook of their choice
Read alouds:
The Secret at Pheasant Cottage and Rainbow Garden
by Patricia St. John
Start the Christian Heritage series by Nancy Rue
Me-attend a practicum (training) for Classical Conversations in Casper, WY
Me-prepare to be a CC Tutor for the coming school year
Summer Chores:
Morning routine after breakfast:
Brush teeth
Make beds
Straighten Rooms
Help Mom with a household chore
Afternoon clean-up time before Daddy comes home
Sometimes the big kids help Grammy rake her yard or help her water the community garden, where she works part-time, and get paid to do odd jobs for her.
I'd like to have my kids help more with laundry, dishes, and cooking.  Lately they've been pretty spoiled and haven't helped a lot in those areas!  Ali often cleans like crazy just to bless me and she cleans the kids' bathroom 2-3 times a week, but my boys NEED to work harder and learn to do more of the chores.
So, this is our roadmap for the summer.  It may look like a LOT of things to do to some of you, and to others it may seem really low-key.  Every family is different!  My kids happen to be REALLY high-energy kids who love social activities and sports.  We live in a small town, that's very outdoorsy, and we can get to where we need to go within a minute or two.  So, I think we have a great balance of calm and rest and fun and energy-burning activities!

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