Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Tiny Ones

Some days I can't wait for the diaper deluge and teething and tantrums and interruptions and crying and enormous food messes to be over.  But other times, as I'm snuggling little bodies, rocking my chubby toddler or kissing my little blonde boy and reading them nursery rhymes or listening to them say a new word or dance delightedly over a thrilling discovery, I am sooo thankful to still have tiny ones in the house.  They enrich our lives so much!

Katri tried and tried to put on her shorts by herself, falling down several times.  She finally just gave up and hugged her shorts.

Dancing together

Katri and Justus fight all of the time but for some strange reason she loves him more than the other kids, even though he treats her the worst and doesn't give her everything like the older two!

It's all fun and games until the baby poops in the pool!

So much energy!

Little ones have the CUTEST clothes!!!  Even Ali complains about this and wonders why Kate's clothes are prettier than hers!

Snuggle bug wrapped in a towel after swimming

Teeny tiny pigtails

Stuck through the rails....again.  This time, though, she figured out how to get herself out.

Covered in dirt and remnants of sticky sweets and ready to head to bed on the 4th of July

Enjoying a popsicle with her buddy Abigail

Showing off her very first manicure!  Using this polish, I did her toes and fingernails before church one day after she saw Ali get painted and (of course) wanted to copy big sis!

She loves to get wet as much as the rest of our brood!

The older kids were told she could only go outside if they watched her carefully and didn't put water in the sandbox.....sigh....

Taking a picture of Mommy, with the camera upside down and backwards

Justus was so proud of himself for climbing a huge rock on our family hike.
I was proud of him for hiking 3 miles with us, in the afternoon, with no snacks!

She loves to hug her babies.

This little man always has a smile for us.  He's definitely the most cheerful member of our family.

So happy to be swimming on a hot day!

She's a wild woman in her little boat!

KK has claimed this bike for her own and screams loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear if her brothers even try to touch it.

In addition to splashing in the toilet (eeeeewwwww!) one of Katri's latest things is to find sister's markers around and color her face.  She's been brown, green, and purple in the last week!

Life is never dull when you have tiny ones around!

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iammygirlsmom said...

So lovely! You are so pretty! I love the first picture!

So did you spring for the nail polish? It's expensive! I have 4 girls!!! :)

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