Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reader's Theater Inspired...

A few weeks ago Ali put together a little presentation in her bedroom.  She practiced all day and then after performing it for me, she asked if she could invite Grammy and Boppa over to watch it with Daddy after supper.  It was so cute and creative, and I am sure that her Reader's Theater class at the local library this summer was a big part of the inspiration!

She chose a book to read aloud for us from the library basket.  It was about what Grandmas and Grandpas love.

Jer's contribution to the show was a gunfight, in which both parties ended up laying flat on the ground all sprawled out....yes, this is the difference between girls and boys!

Jer's gun he made

Then there was a puppet show with Unicornia and Duckie...

...and a ballet number where she danced around in her favorite skirt.

Next, she put on a shepherd's costume and sat down and told us a story in first person from a shepherd's perspective and in the story the shepherd rescued the lamb, borrowing from the biblical account of the shepherd who will leave the 99 to rescue the 1.

Then the two sang "Jesus Loves Me" together, and gave it a new spin.  It sounded like a cowboy song, with some exaggerated drawling going on.  I got a huge kick out of that!

At the very end they all had to bow, even the stuffed animals!
I'm so grateful Ali was able to take this wonderful class from my friend Anita, a homeschooling mom who works part-time at the library.  I saw her grow soooo much in her dramatic abilities and it was a lot of fun to watch their performance at the library on the last day of the summer reading program.

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Pamela said...

So precious. I love creative children. How blessed you are to have access to a class that fostered it. I'm guessing they had some of the creative genes birthed in them!

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