Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer School Schedule

At the beginning of the summer I had such grand plans for how our summer learning was going to go...as usual.  I had a chart written on the chalkboard that I'm sure looked impressive to everyone who stopped by and saw it.  In spite of my best efforts to keep life simple, the "learning schedule" for the summer that I had envisioned us doing is not happening like I expected.  But, my kids are still learning and growing and doing a lot of fun things.  I admire my homeschooling friends who take the summer off because I understand that if you don't, if feels like you never, ever, ever get a break.  And I admire my friends who don't take the summers off because if you stay on a routine the kids behave better and don't forget the things you've worked so hard to teach them. 
 My goal is to find the middle ground somewhere.

General Stuff:

Devotions and My First Book of Questions and Answers at breakfast

Read-Aloud book every day after lunch:
The Tanglewood Secret
The Children's Book of America
Trumpet of the Swan

Read 3-10 stories a day from the library

Bible Stories/Devotions with Daddy at bedtime

Attend weekly ladies' Bible Study group where kids play with a babysitter and their friends

Attend Pray & Play at the park each week where the kids ride bikes, play, and picnic together

Memorize a large passage of Scripture together (Sermon on the Mount)


Cleaning Rooms
Making Beds
Helping Mommy Clean and Set the Table
Helping with Katrielle
(Ali can now change her diaper, pick out her clothes, get her dressed, fix her hair, and put her shoes on!  And she loves doing it!)
Assisting Daddy with dump runs, lawn mowing, fence-building, errands, etc.
Helping put away laundry
Teach Ali to start a load of laundry
Teach the older 2 how to clean their bathroom
Keeping the yard cleaned up
Jer--Pet sitting for Grammy's class salamander


Get Ready for the Code, 1-2 pages at a time
Practicing writing their name
Reviewing ABC flashcards and MFW themes for each letter
Jer--sounding out simple words
Playing the Memory Game together or with Daddy


Manuscript workbook to improve handwriting
Reading for 1-2 hours each day
Listening to books on tape/Adventures in Odyssey
Writing thank-you cards
Reader's Theater class at the library for 1 hour, twice a week, with a performance at the end of July
Math flashcards practice

Just for Fun! 
Delight-Directed Stuff!

Library Story Program for the 2 older kids at the library--if you read/are read to for 1,200 minutes you get a prize and there are occasional programs/craft days

Swimming--in our backyard inflatable pool, in lakes, in Grammy's creek, in the local swimming pool, or at friends' homes with large pools

Crafts with Auntie!  My aunt is a major crafter and she enjoys doing "Craft Days" with Ali where they work on projects and she spoils Ali rotten with candy, new outfits, lunch at a restaurant, etc.

Helping Grammy with the Community Garden--my mom's summer job is teaching 2 gardening classes for little children twice a week.  Our kids often help her water, check the plants and the worm garden and visit the garden!

Boy's Club for Jeremiah--a homeschooled friend who is two years older than Jer got the idea to start boy's club with snacks and activities

Have the 3 oldest kids attend the Lutheran VBS program which they look forward to all year!

Playing with Cousins!  We spent a lot of time with little Jed before they moved to MO for their next missionary assignment, and they are excited to see David and Daniel when we visit MN.

Field Trips

Go camping once or twice this summer

Go to Yellowstone

Do a Beach Day at the lake

Attend our annual church family camp at the end of the summer

Go to Animal Land in my husband's hometown when we visit his family

See the Sea Life Aquarium in the Mall of America in the Twin Cities

Visit the Legoland store in the MOA while there

Go on a boat ride with Grandpa Joel

Gold Rush Days at South Pass City

Other Goals for Our Family

Go on a Mother/Daughter Date with Ali (we went to a Fingernails & Fondue party the other night and had a blast!  Ali and I both met some new friends in the homeschool community and are eager to get together with them again!)

Go on a Mother/Son date with Jeremiah

Go on a Mother/Son date with Justus

Spend time reading to Katrielle by herself

Go yard saling together

Take the kids to a carnival and ride a couple of rides

Have a "Recap of First Grade and Preschool Night" where we showcase the work we've completed in our homeschool for Grammy and Boppa and Daddy

Continue to teach the kids cooking skills

Do several of Money Saving Mom's activities in her 4 Weeks of Frugal Fun series

Do a few art projects with Ali

Take the older kids to the Children's Museum

Host a 5 Day Club and provide the missionaries with meals and/or lodging

Do a wild photo shoot as a family
(We did a hotdog dinner and ketchup and mustard fight in white t-shirts which my photographer friend Whitney graciously photographed for us for free!)

Have Grammy, who is a schoolteacher, work with Ali on handwriting

Go hiking to the falls in a nearby canyon

Go on a nature hike

Attend the Bike/Safety Rodeo at the library

Attend at least a couple of Daddy's softball games as a family

Lots of family bike rides

Host a young ladies Tea Party and craft day for Ali and her friends

Throw a big double-birthday water party bash for Justus and Jeremiah (their b-days are 3 months apart but Jer's is at a bad time of year and he wants a water party and they want to do their birthdays together this year in mid-August)

Walk to a friend's to visit her new baby ducks and new foal

Complete the Identity Kits for each child that they were given at the safety rodeo

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