Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eggs, Toast, and Music

We usually have scrambled eggs for a dinner meal in our home.  I'm not a morning person, my husband doesn't like hot breakfasts, I've never been a big egg-eater, and so we've done mostly cereal, oatmeal, dinner leftovers, and pancakes for breakfast.

But one day I fixed the kids scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I turned on a baby Mozart CD and buttered up some toast.  The kids were thrilled!  About a week later, on an oatmeal day, they begged me for "eggs, toast, and music" enthusiastically.  They didn't just want the food, they wanted the experience!  Exposing them to yummy, farm-fresh eggs and excellent music had left an impression on them.  They wanted to re-inact everything, even pulling the curtains closed because they had been closed during the first "eggs, toast, and music" episode.

Apparently my kids are really into atmosphere!  It was a good reminder that it's the littlest things that mean so much to them.  During our delightful second "eggs, toast, and music" experience we talked about very deep things.  The kids had a lot of questions after doing their Question and Answer book.  Jer wanted to know why God made Satan and why God doesn't just kill Satan right now.  He also exclaimed, when sitting down to the table, "Daddy says I have to use my best manners!"  Justus said the chief end of man is to "joy-ify" God.  And he looked and Katri, whom all the siblings spoil unmercifully and said, "Kate is adorable.  You know what that means?  That means cuter than cute!"

Cheers for Eggs, Toast, and Music!  I'm sure Charlotte Mason would approve!

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