Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am thrilled to have discovered 

There was a day when I enjoyed shopping and finding all the deals.  That day has died!  If you've ever dragged 4 small children through Walmart by yourself on a marathon shopping trip, keeping in mind that Walmart is 30 miles away from our home, you will understand why.

The other day Crystal from MoneySavingMom mentioned a deal where you can get $10 off an order at if you have ordered from before.  $10 off sounded like a great deal to me, especially since there was no minimum order.  I had ordered some Robeez for Katri for $10 with a free shipping deal at a month before Christmas so, I figured I'd get $10 worth of product and end up only paying $5 of shipping which is a great deal.  However, I began noticing that their prices are really good on many things that I normally buy.  I noticed that if you buy $25 worth of products, 2-day shipping is free.  I noticed that Tom's of Maine deodorant, which my husband loves, is only $4.50 instead of $7.50 (what it costs in our town).  Their Kleenex, bath products, laundry soap products like Borax, etc. are all at comparable or cheaper prices than what I normally buy.  They also accept manufacter's coupons, which you can mail in to be applied to your account.  And so I've decided that from now on, I will be making a monthly order from  I can easily spend $25 on toilet paper, laundry soap, Aveeno lotion, vitamins, kleenex, medicine etc. in a month so I will be getting it through this site and will save myself the work of choosing it in the store, and hauling it home.  This will simplify my weekly grocery store trips.  I also get $10 referral credit if friends buy something from using my code.  My friends save 15% for using my code, so it's a win-win situation.

If you live in a city, you may be able to find better deals than what has to offer.  But if you live in Wyoming, you will love this online ordering thing and it can save you gas money, not to mention several hours spent traveling to the nearest Walmart. often has some good deals or coupon codes too that beat the local prices on diapers too.

So, check out the site!
If you end up ordering from them, please use my coupon code and save yourself 15%.

The code is HEYA1384

If you've ordered from before but have never ordered from you can use the code 10BUCKSFREE to get $10 off your order.  You can get free shipping by ordering $25 before promo code and then it will take $10 off so you will only pay $15 out of pocket for $25 worth of stuff at regular prices.

Many of you friends and readers of my blog have lots of little children and/or are pregnant, homebound, extremely busy, or live in very cold places where it would make sense to buy stuff from


Rachel said...

Interesting - I'll have to check this out. I usually order my supplements and natural home products from (saving 10-40% off each product - w/ $5 shipping regardless of order size) so I'll have to compare the two. THanks for sharing, it's always nice to find a deal and I can so relate to you about the errand-running w/ kids and I only have 3. It can be (and usually is) physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting! I've also learned to order from and do their subscribe and save options for things like diapers, coffee, and other household consummables. It's great getting a deal and having it shipped to your house, versus having to go shopping for it.

Rachel said...

Oh, another one I learned is to check for coupon codes when shopping online at chain stores. THis usually saves me an average of 10-15% per order.

Thia said...

That's great that the prices are lower for you. I just checked on a few items we use here and their prices are all much higher. Bummer. I haven't found anyone online that can even match our local wal mart. I wish I could!

EatHealthyLiveWell said...

I love I've ordered a couple of times and had such fast shipping! My only complaint was a huge box for my little order.

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