Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seeing Spots!

On Tuesday, I woke up to a big surprise.  Jer was covered in little red spots!  So last week was one of isolation for our family as we cancelled playdates and stayed home from the park helping Jer get through chicken pox.  So far, the other two have not gotten it although I check them each morning hoping to see spots.  The sooner they catch it, the sooner they can get over it and we can get back to socialization. I don't know where Jer caught it since no one we know has chicken pox, but I am thankful it has hit our home when my kids are very young.  After it's all done with I will have 3 children who are fully immune to the pox for life, without needing to get them booster shots or wonder if their immunity will wear off in adulthood.  For those whom are wondering, we do NOT vaccinate against chicken pox and prefer for our children to gain immunity through having the actual illness. 

I have been amazed at how easy it has been for Jer to deal with.  Calamine lotion and a couple of baths a day in oatmeal water has soothed the itch and I haven't had to tell him not to scratch.  After four days, his spots are mostly gone and no longer itchy.  He has not been extra whiny (which if you know Jer, is a miracle) and has done his schoolwork as normal and has had normal amounts of energy and appetite.  I remember having chicken pox at age 10 and I was utterly miserable and laid on the couch for over a week with chicken pox in my mouth, on my eyelids, and in my hair.  I had at least 5x as many spots as Jeremiah.  It is definitely harder for older kids or adults than for tiny kids!
So, in the meantime....we play a waiting game....hoping Ali catches it soon so she won't have to miss all 2 weeks of homeschool swimming which starts tomorrow, but at the same time being thankful that God allowed this illness to hit our family BEFORE Katrielle's arrival.


Anonymous said...

My two girls got chicken pox when they were little. My next door neighbour's son got chicken pox and I volunteered to look after him for the week to expose the girls. My eldest got it first and then two weeks later my youngest got it. It is great to get it over when they were not at school yet. Clare T.

Melissa said...

Yes, my 4.5 year old got it and two weeks later my 3 month old got it. Now we have a new little one, and I am glad the older two are immune. When she gets it, I will just have to take care of her.

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