Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mom, Where Are My Shoes???"

With 3 small children in a large house, shoes can disappear quickly.
We have one child, particularly, who can NEVER find his shoes.
I was so excited when someone gave us this pretty wooden bench, which fits in our entryway and found that it solves our shoe problems nicely.
The kids are told to keep all their shoes in this one spot.  No more stuffing them under beds, in bedroom closets, or random places throughout the living room.  If I see shoes discarded by the door or laying about in the schoolroom they immediately have to carry them down to the shoe bench.  This is the "central shoe spot" and when it's time to go somewhere, we all head down to the entryway and they grab a pair before heading out the door.
We have a lot of extra shoes thanks to good yard sale finds, hand-me-downs from everyone we know at church and from one sibling to the other.  Here, in the guest room closet where I store larger-sized clothing for the kids, I keep the Shoes-To-Grow-Into.  When a child's shoes begin to feel to too tight, we go "shopping" in the closet for a new pair or two. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am very jealous of your cute bench! We have four children and many shoes issues in our home!

Heather said...

Good idea!

By the way, I love your blue door!!

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