Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Once a Month Cooking!

It's that time again! I'm having fun stocking the fridge and freezer this week in preparation for the busy month ahead. Instead of doing all of the cooking on 1 or 2 days, I've decided to just spend a couple of hours a day on it for 4-5 days until it's done so that I can do it when the kids are napping or sleeping.

Here's our menu for the month. I tried to keep this REALLY simple because of all of the holiday events going on and I am using up a lot of the things we had on hand to keep our costs down.

Breakfast for Dinner x4
Vegetarian Black Bean Chili and cornbread x4
Sherry Chicken over brown rice x3
Elk Roast with baked or mashed potatoes x 4
Turkey-for misc. meals
Granola-2 gallons
5 7-Grain Roll mixes
Pizza x2
Ravioli x2
Spaghetti x4
Pumpkin Cookies (6 dozen)
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins (5 dozen)
Whole Wheat Tortillas x4 (about 40)
Tuna Casserole x4

Since we're most likely to have breakfast for dinner (waffles, pancakes, french toast) on the weekends, I'm not going to prep that ahead of time; it will be very simple to whip up with what we have on hand.

My freezer is quickly filling up so I don't have to room for more spaghetti noodles in it therefore 3 of the spaghetti meals will be not frozen ahead of time; I have all the ingredients on hand in the pantry and some hamburger from last month's bulk cooking in the freezer which I can quickly add to the sauce. Lest you think I'm superwoman, I will tell you I'm not making the ravioli from scratch. I buy the frozen bags in the store and merely throw them in a pan with a jar of spaghetti sauce and a couple of cups of mozzarella and bake. So the ravioli x2 technically wasn't "made" by me.

Last month the tortillas, homemade cream of chicken soup, and the roll mixes were my favorite things to have on hand. And my hubby, who hates cooked oatmeal and tends to like the less-healthy cereals LOVES the homemade granola and requests that I make it all the time from now on!

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The Three 22nds said...

See, that would be awesome.

The only meals I do more than once of in a month are pizza and burgers. Maybe occasionally I will do spaghetti twice or tacos.

But my husband (who is too sweet to say anything, but I know) does not like to eat the same meal too frequently. He gets tired of it.

And for me, doesn't matter. I could put myself on a 5 day rotation and that would be fine by me.

I did tell him the other day that our kids repatoire of meals they will eat will probably improve if they see the same meal (and have to eat it) more than once every 6 months :)

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