Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been wanting to share some of these funnies for a while.
Hope you get a kick out of them.

Sweet Buns
A certain guy was having lunch with us at a restaurant. He had ordered a hamburger and it ended up being enormous! There was a beautiful, sesame-topped bun on top of the hamburger and the waitress, whom I knew, set his plate down and turned to grab another plate off of her little serving stand. Right as she bent over this guy proclaimed loudly, looking at his hamburger, "Wow! Those are some sweet buns!" The waitress quickly looked at him, shocked, and my hubby and I couldn't help but giggle ourselves silly while trying to pretend we weren't and avoid embarrassing the now flushing waitress. Our poor friend must have turned 10 shades of red and didn't know how he could possibly correct what had just gone down, so he didn't try. His girlfriend, now wife, was there with him, giggling too. At least he said, "sweet" instead of "big!"
Hellbound Parents
Someone we know gave a testimony in church on Easter Sunday at the pastor's request. He was very nervous. In the midst of his testimony he said, "I heard about Hell and was scared and didn't want to go there because I knew my parent's would be there....." OOPS! He meant to say WOULDN'T! Again, it was pure torture not bursting out in loud guffaws during that service.
"So that's what you think of us, huh, Son?"

Don't Ask a Question
If You Can't Handle the Answer
Recently a friend of mine from High School eloped with her fiancee. She had her parent's blessing, and she still plans to go through with the big wedding in June, and she's nearly 30 so it's not like it was an awful thing. When questioned at work by fellow Christian school teachers about why she eloped, this sweet, quiet, pastor's daughter replied, "Well the Bible says that it's better to marry than to burn with passion." Awkward silence...........


anna said...

hey lindsay -
i cant get the link to work for your granola recipe. could you email it to me? thanks!!


Meredith said...

I really like you, Lindsey! You give great tips, recipes, you keep it real as a mom blogger, and you make me laugh! Thank you! You are a blessing.

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