Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Gift for my Friends

Instead of goodies this year, I decided to bless my fellow mom friends with something that is truly rare for moms: time away from the kiddoes! I sent out a letter explaining that they could drop the boys off on Thursday and the girls off on Friday for a few hours in the morning. I've planned activities and a craft and we'll read Christmas stories. I'll pull out all the tools and trucks for the boys and the dress-ups and babies for the girls and turn Christmas music on. The moms are welcome to go get a haircut, go to breakfast with a friend, take a long, hot bath in quiet, clean the house, pack for Christmas trips, finish up their shopping and wrapping, or whatever they want to do as long as they enjoy their "mom time!"
For the families with both a boy and a girl they are welcome to bring both kids on the same day, whichever they choose, to make things simpler. However, most of my friends have either just one gender of kids or one boy that's in school and a girl that's not, making my boy/girl day plan very workable.
My kids are excited about this "gift" too! We've had some cold weather recently that has made us grateful for every opportunity to have a change of pace and routine and for playmates coming to our house! I know I just posted about how I don't like babysitting regularly or being taken advantage of by friends in this area, but I truly do love to watch other kids when it is my gift for my friends and I am prepared for it. I think we will have a lot of fun today!


The Three 22nds said...

what a great idea!

Thia said...

That is awsome! I hope the two days go very well for you.

Tammy B. said...

So sweet of you!!

*carrie* said...

Such a thoughtful gift!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! A very special gift for your mom friends. :)

Got your e-mail and I'll respond soon! :)


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