Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter X (foX)

My Father's World curriculum uses the word fox to teach the letter X, because so few words start with the actual letter, especially words relating to nature studies.  The key words are, "God's Word makes me wiser than my enemies."  We learned facts about foxes and charted the differences between foxes and dogs together after reading about foxes in our Animal Encyclopedia.  A really cute book I found last summer and had stashed in my "X file" in my homeschooling file box was "Fox Tale" by Yossi Abolafia.  It was about a fox who tricked all of his friends and so they cleverly tricked him and got all of the goods back that he stole from them. 

We ran around the yard playing the game: A-Hunting We Will Go.  Katri giggled like crazy as I chased the older kids while holding her in my arms. 

I found a simple fox drawing online and drew it on the whiteboard for the kids to copy.  They colored their foxes on their binder pages red.  Jer did some worksheets on the letter X and practiced reading simple words.  Ali worked on her First Grade stuff and in her free time begged me to do Hangman word games on the white board.  She loves solving word puzzles, much like I did as a kid!  I was a big fan of Wheel of Fortune, from 3 years old on!

In addition to the verses on being wise and shrewd, I went over personal safety rules with the kids during Fox Week.  It was a good time to point out the sneaky tricks that some not-nice folks use to lure children away from their parents or into their vehicles.  You can't be too careful these days; just reading the news will make your heart sink most days if you are a parent.

Ali helped me prepare for a baby shower we hosted on the weekend for a friend.  She was a big help with making the fruit pizza and helping me get the place cleaned up.  We also attended our nephew Jed's belated First Birthday Party at my parents' house.  He is part-Honduran so my mom had purchased a pinata in the shape of a cowboy boot, which was great fun for the kids, and took all of Grandpa's strength to break open!

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures of our week studying the letter X!  I took so many pics on the frog lessons the week before, but only 1 pic this week!

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Anonymous said...

Your school updates make me excited to do K with my youngest one this fall! It will be my last time and I'm so very sad about that! You're doing a fabulous job!


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