Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter F (Frog)

Mid-April (yes I'm very behind on posting this), we studied frogs.
It was a fun week!  We babysat a friend's daughter for 3 days to help her out in a pinch and we went to the local Children's Museum.  We got a new slide for the yard (from Great-Grandma's yard via my folks), and got to see my brother and his family, who returned from furlough visiting in Florida.

Our active little ones spend hours each day playing on the new slide and in the yard.


My kids think kiwis are the best thing EVER!  They just can't get enough, so they loved these froggy snacks made from kiwis, grapes, and apples.

We colored and cut out froggy puzzles I found online.

They colored frogs to cut out and paste onto their binder pages.

The boys had so much fun looking through our books on frogs and listening to mommy read to them from our library books about frogs.

Ali had her final Plaster Casting class that a friend of mine taught for homeschoolers.

The bowl she made

Her duck, which lil' sis tried to steal and run off with!

We had a VERY hot day in the mid-eighties so Daddy said the kids could have a pool party in the afternoon.  They were thrilled!  I don't ever recall pulling the pool out in April before! 

We go for lots of bike rides as a family and/or with one parent and the older kids.  A tag-along on Daddy's bike for Justus to ride and a baby bike seat on mine for Katrielle enable the 6 of us to cycle together.  Jeremiah is a crazy, wild, fast biker.  He goes up and down all the hills at the bike park and scares me to death!  It's good P.E. for them though!

I pulled a froggy out of the closet that I had found at a thrift sale.  It looked brand new, hand-sewn, and has boots, mittens, socks, raincoat, pajamas, clothes, hat, scarf, etc.  I let the kids take turns dressing him and naming the clothing items.

We got to see fire-bellied toads at the Children's Museum

The kids also enjoyed digging through the sand for "dinosaur bones"

Sisters coloring together at the museum

Brothers doing magnetic marbleworks together

Our library has a pass you can check out to go to the museum for free so it was a fun, educational, and even frugal trip in our homeschool week!

Outdoor lessons--my favorite place to do school!

Ali reading her Bible reader

Jer, making things from his wooden shape pieces

I demonstrated on the white board how to draw a frog using basic shapes.  Ali and Jer's turned out very cute.

Ali writes a 3-sentence summary of the Bible story she reads each day.

Katri, "the unschooler" , making mud pies in her pj's in the playhouse while the other kids do school.


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