Monday, May 21, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter V (Vegetables)

For V week we studied vegetables and our key words were "God gives me all that I need."

Though we haven't had a garden of our own yet, we are thankful to be able to participate in Bountiful Baskets food co-op.  In a state with a very short growing season and very limited produce options, this co-op has made an ENORMOUS difference in our eating habits.  Every other Saturday when I get my baskets, the kids help me wash and sort the fruits and veggies.

Justus is a cheerful produce-washer.  He especially loves cherry tomatoes and can eat a whole container in one sitting if we let him!

We tried painting with various fruits and veggies while listening to Mozart.

Sometimes a homeschooling mom has to treat herself on a rough day!  Melted Ghiradelli chocolate and fruit kabobs are a luscious snack!

It's high time Katri learns to clean up messes, since she is so good at making them!  I gave Ali the responsibility of helping to train Katri and they had lots of fun together while cleaning up our living room!

A while back I purchased 4 visors on clearance for about a quarter each.  I whipped them out and gave the kids lots of stickers and jewels to decorate them with.  They wore them around all week and called themselves the Adventure Scouts and formed a little club together.

Proud of his veggie painting

I've made my life and workload simpler by serving lunch (and snacks too) outside and using paper plates more often!

One day I did some bulk cooking and was completely overwhelmed by the enormous load of dishes covering my counters and filling my sink.  I knew I could either throw in the towel and not do them at all or enlist some help!  The kids were bickering anyhow so by asking them to help with dishes I killed two birds with one stone!  They happily washed dishes outside for an hour while I shuttled them in and out and rinsed and dried them.  After an hour, the 3-4 dishwasher-loads-worth of dishes were done!  Hurray!

Alathia, always crafting, made this paper chain one day.  I took this pic before she finished it.  It ended up being twice as long as it is shown here!  The first 50 loops were made from hand-made construction paper.  She forgot we had colored paper in the homeschool closet so she colored her own from computer paper!  What a girl!

We babysat Jed and a few other friends while their mamas had dentist appointments one day.  We drew the alphabet with sidewalk chalk and played games on it.  I had Ali spell words by hopping from letter to letter and had the boys do an alphabet hop.  My nephew Jed thought it was hysterical to see Auntie hopping around on letters and he couldn't stop laughing!

One huge excitement we had during V week was Box Day.  If you are a homeschooler, you know how exciting it is to receive your new curriculum!  We got the My Father's World basic Kindergarten pack with a couple of extras (the ant farm and butterfly garden) and the MFW 2nd Grade Deluxe set.  I'm excited to look through it this summer and prepare for the next school year!

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Amanda said...

pure joy and excitment for sure when those boxes arrive!

I'm inspired to whip out some vegetables and let the children paint this week!


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