Monday, September 12, 2011


I've started making Sunday nights "Prep Nights." In order to have a successful week, I need to PLAN and PREPARE. So, I take time to review what the lessons are for the week, make copies, line out the crafts/projects for the week, and clean off the school table.  I jot down my schedule for the week in my Mom's Plan It planner and think about what activities/appts./church stuff we have going on.  I review my menu plan for the week so I am reminded of what meals I'll be fixing and think about any food prep that needs done in advance.

It is crucial for me to take my vitamins as I recover from the toll that 4 kids in 6 years has taken on my body.  I'm much more likely to get all of my vitamins in each day if I put them in an organizer on Sunday night.  In case you're curious I take: magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, evening primrose oil, fish oil, B-50 complex, and also take a teaspoon of liquid trace minerals.

Yogurt spirulina smoothies (with frozen fruit and vegetables thrown in) are a great health booster and protein snack for me.  But stopping to take the time each day to blend them isn't always realistic.  So, I have experimented with making a week's supply all at once, meaning the blender only needs washed once instead of daily!  However, I noticed they didn't taste quite as fresh by the last couple of days.  A friend suggested I keep a few in the fridge and freeze a few.  I'm trying that this week!

Another really important thing in making preparations to beat exhaustion/depression as a mom is getting sleep.  I love to stay up late and read but staying up TOO late isn't good for my husband, my kids, or me!  So, I've been in the habit of reading just one or two chapters each night in my book instead of trying to finish the book.  It now seems to take forever to finish a book, but I'm feeling rested!

Straightening up the kitchen, getting dishes done and tables and counters wiped down nicely and doing a load of laundry before bed also makes me feel like I'm getting a jump start on Monday chores.  So, 1-2 hours on a Sunday Night can really help make the week ahead get off to a really great start! 

My friend Nicci, who homeschools 5 boys, said the other day, "Maybe the reason we moms are often overwhelmed/exhausted/burnt out is because we expect too much out of ourselves."  I've been pondering that and wondering where I can scale back.  I have EXTREMELY high standards for myself and because I like to get things done there are many, many people that rely on me or come to me for help/favors, etc.  Often because I CAN do something, I think I should.  But just because you can do something doesn't mean you can do everything at once and do many things well.  So, I'm evaluating once again, something we all have to do all of the time, what to say yes to and what to say no to so I can choose the BEST things over the GOOD things.

How do you make preparations for your week?


Thia said...

I'm really struggling in this area. I know that a few hours Sunday night would really help, but my husband wants Sunday to be a day of rest. Saturday is spent catching up on stuff that didn't get done during the week and helping my husband as needed with his projects. Saturday night is "family time" and so is Friday night. As it is, I squeeze school planning into Saturday, wherever I can. So I'm left hanging and frazzled here.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Great prep work! I really need to do something like this. I feel so behind and exhausted after the birth of my second so trying to take it easy, rest, concentrate on nursing and spend time with my little ones I will be doing something like this. Not sure which day maybe earlier Saturday but not sure if I will have time with all the catch up I do on Saturdays. Thanks for the ideas!

Heather said...

I love how you mention priorities, choosing the best over the good. Excellent reminder for me!

I've been trying to spend some time on Sunday afternoons or evenings prepping for the week (making a meal plan with Jacob, reading through the week's curriculum, etc.). If I don't make time for this on the weekend, I find myself prepping late at night when I'm tired, and am more apt to feel overwhelmed and grumpy. :)

Thanks for your encouragement!

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