Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

 The "School Room" which is one-half of our living room

 The 7 L's of Homeschooling which I got from Holy Experience and portrayed in photos

I found this Who Am I worksheet online and have made it a
yearly tradition as a sort of "Time Capsule" for our kids.
Jeremiah and Justus both want to be Rocket Riders when they grow up,
not sure what those are.
Ali changed from wanting to be a Swim Teacher last year to a Ballerina Teacher this year. 
We also do a first day of school photo each year.

Justus grew 4.25 inches this year and gained 3 pounds

Jer gained 5 pounds and grew 3.5 inches!

Ali gained 3 pounds and grew 2 inches.

 Playtime is such a vital part of the kids' education.  I firmly believe, along with Charlotte Mason, that kids need lots of time to play and explore

 Snacktime is an opportunity to learn to put together a snack and to serve others

 Homeschooling isn't all fun and games!  Each of the kids took a turn crying and/or screaming throughout the morning when things didn't go their way.

 A school day wouldn't be complete without RECESS time!!!  The boys collected worms and rode the fourwheeler around.  Ali opted to stay in and clean her room instead.

For fun, I packed the kids lunchbox lunches.  They saw them and squealed, "Now we can pretend we are REAL school kids!!!"

Chore Charts I found online and personalized.  I had them laminated at the local print shop so I can use dry erase markers on them.

Happy Back-to-School Day for all of you who are starting or have recently started school!!!


stamplady said...

It looks marvelous- you make me wish we homeschooled! I love the photos, and the lunch boxes, you should pack for you and hubby too- less lunchtime dishes!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

What a fun day!! Blessings on your school year!

Anonymous said...

All your kids are adorable but that little Justus just warms my heart. I love his face in your pictures. Too cute! :)

I had to put Anonymous but this is Tanya Redman. :)

LS said...

Thanks Tanya! He's the sunshine of the family and has the most cheerful personality (most of the time)!

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