Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Skills!!!

After big brother and sister both learned to ride bikes without training wheels in the same week, "Little J" wanted to learn to ride a bike.  So, Daddy worked with him and now he can ride a little bike with training wheels.

Jer-Bear learned just 5 days after his sister!  However, he often fails to watch where he is going, like the time he hit a parked truck...

Ali is very motivated on her bike.  She and Daddy often take after-supper rides through the neighborhood for a long time.  One day I squeezed the 3 younger kids in my 2-kid bike cart and biked 2 miles across town to a friend's house and back, the uphill part was tough, I might add, and she rode all the way on her bike, and kept her balance without tipping over.

My little ones are getting independent!  It sure is tough to chase after 3 mobile kids riding up and down streets!

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Pamela said...

Precious. We anticipate the next step for our children but our hearts want them to stay small. Funny thing about motherhood. My youngest graduated and heart is still trying to catch up.

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