Monday, May 9, 2011

Picnic Packs

It's that time of year again!  We're spending LOTS of time at the local park up the street.  Most park days end up being picnic days too.  On top of getting all of the kids sunscreened-up and ready to go and packing everything we might possibly need for a day in the sunshine, it can be a pain to try to throw together a lunch for my kids who eat like packs of wolves.

So, on my last grocery shopping trip, I grabbed a bunch of picnic lunch stuff that was on sale and made up several "Picnic Packs."  Now, all I have to do is make some sandwiches and grab some fruit and throw them and some drinks into the cooler with a Picnic Pack.  It will save this Mama some precious time!  What's in a picnic pack? Chips, teddy grahams, granola bars, napkins, plastic bag for garbage, fruit snacks, etc. Not the healthiest lunch, but I'm tired of my kids always wanting my friends' food and complaining about the leftovers I bring to the park. Since we'll likely only be picnicking a couple of times a week, I'm okay with a less-healthy lunch for the price of convenience!

*Sorry for the poor photos!  My camera was on the wrong setting and I didn't catch it until they were already loaded onto the computer.


Thia said...

Those will be great if you find yourself having to run errands and want something quick to bring with you!

Sheila said...

I just want to thank you for saying that you did this because you were tired of your kids wanting the food other people bring. I feel like such a loser mom when I do things and I know I'm doing it for that reason. I am fighting the big battles, but sometimes some things are just not worth it. Thank you for just being honest and saying it.

LS said...

I agree Sheila! Some battles are just not worth it! If these picnic packs can cut down on even 50% of the whining from kids, they are worth every penny to me! Even when I've tried to bring healthy foods for the kids, I see them convincing their friends to give them chips and granola bars so I would rather buy them than have them always stealing someone else's food.

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