Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Tea Party

I've been wanting to do a tea party for Alathia and her friends for months and just haven't gotten around to it.  So, I was thrilled when the local library had a Mother's Day tea in the courtyard for moms and daughters age 5 and up.  I think our local library ladies are the best in the world! 

All of the little girls were dressed so beautifully in their fanciest dresses. 
The library ladies had laid out a craft for the girls.  They decorated CD cases with puffy paint.

A friend from Pray n' Play, Rebecca, attended with her daughter Iliana.
Rebecca's three kids are exactly the same ages and genders as my 3 oldest kids so we have lots in common!  It was fun to have tea and treats with them!

A wonderful Saturday "mother-daughter date!"

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Heather said...

We would definitely go if our library hosted this! How lovely.

I love the first picture with the mini cupcakes making a bouquet in the pretty container. I'd love to try that sometime!

It's fun to be reading your posts again! :)

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