Monday, July 12, 2010

Pics of the New House

Our spacious kitchen, after a couple of days of cleaning, is a dream come true!  Lots of cabinet space, pretty cabinets, and I love the sage color of the counter-tops!
They had to re-do our sewer pipes before we moved in so they tore out our front sidewalk.  But, a week later, they replaced it, thankfully!
My mom helped wash down and decorate the boys' room.  She had a dinosaur mural from her old classroom stuff which she put up and the boys love it!  It looks faded here but it's very bright and fun.

About 250 hours of labor have gone into cleaning and fixing up our new home....thus far.  Still lots to do but we are mostly settled and it's mostly sanitary to live in.  After a week of living here we came to the conclusion that we cannot stand the living room carpet, and thankfully we had enough emergency fund in savings to replace that with no hardship.  It reeks!!!!  The former owner's cat destroyed almost every single carpet in the place!  Have I mentioned on here how much I loathe cats?  The downstairs has been re-carpeted, thankfully, so we got to move out of our living room and put things downstairs after 4 days and our master bedroom and living room should get done this week!  Yay!

Ali's first night in her own room!  We are having fun making it a pretty place.
For four nights we had to sleep in the living room, packed together.  It ended up being fun and the kids were up late anyway with 4th of July festivities and neighbors blowing off fireworks non-stop until midnight.  I was glad we had an open window right by my side of the bed because the living room still reeks like cat pee.  We have decided to have it replaced, just like we had all the downstairs carpeting replaced.
The dining area (we'll eventually rip out the carpet--which doesn't smell much like cat right now) and put rubber wood-looking tiles down.
These plastic hooks were stuck on EVERYTHING!  We found AT LEAST 150 of them stuck on walls, closet doors, almost all of the kitchen cabinets, inside and outside, and even duct-taped to the windows.  It has been a challenge to get them all off.


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

It is so beautiful!! I love the kitchen. I know the cleaning and moving in is hard but now this house is yours to make a home!

Thia said...

Very glad you are able to replace that carpet. It didn't sound like it was going to work out, from what you've said before.
I'm still dealing with stinky kitchen cabinets...

John8com said...

Congratulations on the renovation and the ton of work you expended to get your house in shape.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home! That must feel great to be mostly moved in and have that much work done! The kids rooms look really nice.

the momma said...

I have never had so many kitchen cabinets in my life! or such a spacious kitchen ~ enjoy!!
I know it is so exciting for you to be in your own home!!! sorry about your toilet troubles! sounds like maybe you need to get a snake (disgusting, I know....)

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