Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making a House a Home

My Ladies' Bible Study met at my house last week.  These ladies prayed hardcore for our housing situation and that we would get this house if possible, so it was special to give them the tour and serve them goodies.
My mom, aunt, and cousin attend this study!
Picnic time with Grammy!
Endless yard work to be done!  Here Josiah scrapes a raised bed to use the dirt for holes in other parts of the yard.
We love having company!  We want overnight guests to feel especially welcome!
Jeremiah insisted I take a pic of his dinosaur mural my mom gave them for their room.  It, along with the snake poster she gave them, is his favorite thing about his room.
Messy room right before bed
Another basket of towels to fold.  I have literally done 19 cycles of towels in the 2.5 weeks we've lived here thanks to a thrice-flooding toilet.  I feel like a laundress and I'm so thankful we are buying a new, power-flushing toilet!
Laundry room windows so caked with grime and cobwebs you can't even see out!

Front step decor

Thirsty lawn
Evidence of kids' play
It almost seems my husband spends more time at the dump than with me.  He's taken at least 8 loads since we moved in, with another pile to take today.
1/5 of the house is painted so far.  Lots of painting in our future!
Some pretty flowers on the deck that my mom bought and planted for us.
Disheveled couch and storybooks
$4 on sale at a local discount store, this sign reminds me continually what this house is


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

So pretty!! Isn´t it a delight to be able to make a house your home knowing it is yours and that God has given it to you for this!!


Heather said...

Nice pictures! I was hoping to see more of your home. :)

Your towel laundry gave me a chuckle. I've thought about paring down our towel stash, but have learned to always keep spare towels and buckets around through various water adventures we've had. :)

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