Monday, August 22, 2011

Other Painting Projects

I painted the schoolroom wall in our living room "Dark Cherry" after I saw a friend's home with this color in the living room and loved it.  I moved the clock over to the left a bit after I took this pic because it bugged me that it wasn't centered right.

Jeremiah's favorite color has always been green and Justus' has always been blue so I wasn't a bit surprised when they requested their color for their room.  So, they each got what they wanted, with some brown thrown in.

I got this lovely blue off the clearance "oops" section at Ace.  It's called Soft Serenity.

The green is Elm Valley which I also used on Kate's room to save on money.

Grammy painted two walls in Ali's room last summer a soft pink.  But after I did the other kid's rooms I realized that Ali, our most vibrant child, had the least-colorful room.  So, I took some paint leftovers from the siblings rooms (and a $3 can of yellow from the oops shelf) and made her room more vibrant.  It turns out that the quilt her great-grandma made her matches the walls perfectly!  I mixed Soft Serenity with Heavenly Sands for the turquoise-like color in here. 

She has a clothesline for art in her room since she is constantly making pictures.
We also have one in the dining room.

On my craft day, I had sudden inspiration to use the colorful, cool fabric scraps in my stash to make this large poster for Alathia.  Alathia is the Greek word for truth so that is why I chose this word.  I used scissors, a glue stick, and a large frame from Family Dollar.  It only took about an hour, and it totally fits Ali's personality.

I didn't get the dining room, upstairs hallway, and living room finished like I'd hoped, but I will work on those in the next couple of weeks before we start school.

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