Monday, August 22, 2011

Favorite Summer Moments

A fun photo shoot with the kids

A trip to the beach at a mountain lake we camped at for a few days

My acceptance of a dare by my husband to run and dunk in the ice-cold mountain lake

Meeting my darling new nephew Jedediah and hanging out with him on his first camping trip

Katri and Jed giggling at Ali--they look so much alike here!

Sitting around a campfire with my Dad and brother, making s'mores

Hosting a 5-Day Club and having 5 lovely teen girls stay at our home (1 stayed with her grandparents in town) for a week

They were the best photography models!

A pic of all of my folks' grandkids thus far

The teen purity retreat I helped with--we were in a mall (this is a big deal if you are from WY) and doing a photo scavenger hunt of appropriate and inappropriate clothing to wear for different situations/events

More pics of the teen missionaries

Going on a hike with one of my best friends and all of our kiddoes

Babysitting little Jed whenever I get the chance

Learning to take pics of lightning, which you don't see too often in WY

Doing lots of photo shoots with my little nephew

Josiah found these two red 4-wheelers at a yard sale for $5 each.  His folks bought Ali the blue one when she was 2 and a friend gave us the little one.  They all work so it's like a motor rally in the yard sometimes!  (Kate won't be using hers for another year...)

My happy, easy-going little girl is 21#, crawling backwards now, and eating tons of food chunks throughout the day.

My tiny man turned 3!  He wanted a motorcycle birthday and his favorite color is blue.

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stamplady said...

the pictures are so adorable, it makes me sad that summer is coming to an end!

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