Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty and Unique Table Decor

We recently visited our beloved friends who moved back to Kansas.  You may remember an interview I did on my blog a couple of years ago with my friend Shiloh, who is the world's tidiest housekeeper on how she manages to keep her house perfect with twin preschoolers.  Now those twins are 5 1/2 and they also have a 2 year old.  Her house is still the cleanest I've ever seen and not only that, but one of the most tastefully decorated homes too.  My husband and I concluded, after staying in their home, which they decorate on a budget, that we are country bumpkins that know nothing about style and elegance in home decor.  Maybe when Shiloh visits us this summer we will ask her for tips on how she would decorate our home if it was hers.  I thought this simple, but interesting centerpiece was worthy of a blog post. 

 While you could probably make these paper balls from scrap newspapers and modge podge, she purchased them from Pier 1.  I absolutely LOVE that store, but don't get the opportunity to shop in one very often.
Fun, artsy, and modern!


Peachtree said...

And I'm over here thinking, "Somebody actually paid for those???"

I guess I'm just not into the modern look, I do better shopping at yard sales & antique stores . . . :)

I'm so glad God made us all different, life would be so boring if we were all the same!

LS said...

That's funny Peachtree!

Rachel Long said...

Would you mind posting the link to the house keeping interview you mentioned? Or tell me exactly how to find it on your blog? It sounds like something I need to read!

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