Monday, April 25, 2011

The Gift That Came on March 30th

On March 30th, God blessed our family with a new member! My little nephew Jedediah David! Yes, the name David is not in short supply in our family as I have a brother Colter David who goes by David in Latin America, a son Jeremiah David, and another nephew named David as well as cousins and uncles with that name too. They wanted to name him Jedediah Colter but considering that Latin Americans cannot pronounce the name Colter, the name Jed, or their last name, they wanted him to have one name that Spanish-speakers could pronounce.  Jed is such a sweetie and I'm absolutely desperate to hold him! They live overseas where they are missionaries and I can't wait to hold him for the first time this summer when they go on furlough. There is something surreal about seeing your sibling's kid!
 My brother, and his sweet little family
My favorite photo they have sent us of Jed thus far.  His mama, Anna, who is half-Honduran, is soooo pretty and he looks just like her and has more hair than any newborn I've ever seen!  However, I'm not sure I can stay friends with her after hearing her natural childbirth story, which includes phrases like, "Only a couple of hours of pain" and "Not that bad" and "I want to have 12 kids!" All joking aside, she is very sweet and makes my brother very happy!


Amy said...

That b&w photo just might be the sweetest baby picture I've ever seen. What a blessing!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Beautiful Baby!! Congratulations and many blessings!! I love the picture of baby and mama!

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