Friday, February 18, 2011

6 Years Ago....

6 Years Ago today, on a cold winter morning in MN....
A chubby little girl was born....
....and made a mommy and a daddy of two young folks.

We love our little "Cowgirl" so much!  Happy Birthday Alathia Joy!

She really wanted a Bullseye toy for her birthday so her Jessie from Christmas could ride.  Even though it's the world's hardest-to-find toy, we got her one!

Our tradition is to decorate the table with gifts and themed decorations so that when the child comes up for breakfast they get a "running to see what's under the Christmas tree" kind of feeling.  Then we let them open one gift each time we have a meal or snack so they enjoy their presents all day long. 

The birthday child gets to choose the menu for the day.
Ali picked Lemon Poppyseed muffins for breakfast,
Ramen noodles (uhhg--oh so healthy, right?) for lunch, and macaroni and cheese, rolls and butter, Jell-O, and veggies for supper.

A red hat from the Dollar Store and an iron-on-transfer purchased for $5 online make for a frugal but cute birthday outfit.

Ali remembered me saying that on my 6th or 7th birthday my mom made me a sewing kit, which I and the neighborhood kids used to make tons of little pillows and doll clothing.  So, she wanted one too!  Grammy made her one for her gift.

Auntie Kianna, Josiah's sister, gave her two beautiful dresses, which she needed, as well as some hair clips and make-up.  She was so proud of her painted nails!

A hand-made little apron from Auntie Kandina, Josiah's other sis.  It matches her cowgirl hat!

Got Ali's cake image here, online, so that making her a cake that would delight her was super simple and easy for me and only cost 1/3 of the price that it would have cost to order a store cake.

I got a package of 28 Toy Story Christmas cards on after-Christmas clearance for 59 cents.  I used the Jessie and Woody ones to make a birthday garland to hang in the dining room and saved the Buzz ones for Jer since he is saying he wants a Buzz-themed birthday in November.


Lea said...

Thanks for posting your birthday parties! They are so ispiring!

After reading your Angelina Ballarina (sp?) post last year, I decided I was going to do a Princess and Knight Party for my b/g twins for their 6th B-day this may.

So far I've spent a whole whopping $16 for everything I need for the party (I need tag board, and things to make a castle cake yet - some ice cream cones, blue food coloring, waffer cookies and those chocolate rock-looking candies) and we're good to go! I'm hoping to pull off the party and present for $50!

Thanks so much for the inspiration! We love Woody, Buzz and Jessie at our house too. :)


Feliz4life said...

Love it!

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