Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homeschooling is FUN!

The kids love to do puppet shows in the pop-up tent

We made some clay pots and scrolls of Scripture to go in them.
Painting snake squash and pumpkins from Grammy's garden.

Our "Space Age" ant farm.  Someone had given us the brand-new kit in a box of hand-me-downs and we gave it a try, collecting our own ants.  However, it didn't seem to work so well, so I may order a batch of ants and try again.

Ants on a log

Sometimes the Dollar Store has the cutest crafts for homeschooling.  This bug kit, which contained all the materials to make 3 large bugs, was only $1.


Kristin said...

What is in the space age ant farm? Some kind of gel? I've never heard of that before.

Cute bugs you made!

LS said...

Kristin, I'm not sure. It's some ultra-lightweight gel they can tunnel through that contains food and nutrients for them and isn't toxic to them. If your ants die, you are supposed to just rinse out the farm and start again, no need for new gel unless you've had so many ant farms in it there is no gel left to tunnel in.

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