Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun New Blog!

For a while now I've wished I could link to my friend Kristin's personal blog because she is such a good photographer and witty writer.  It's been fun to keep up with her over the last few years and see her kids grow through her blog even though we've lived a thousand miles apart.  In fact, Kristin is the genius who won the "Name my Blog" contest at the beginning of this year when I changed it from The King's Missus to Faithful Homemaking.  Well now you too can be blessed by her inspiration....she's started an open-to-the-public homeschooling blog!  Two to three times a week she chronicles the fun stuff she does with her kiddoes with lots of fun pics and ideas for crafts, snacks, books, etc.  If you want fun ideas to do with littles, even if you don't technically homeschool them, this is a great blog for you to check out!

Add it to your Favorites today!

Lifelong Lessons

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Kristin said...

Thanks for the plug! :-)

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