Friday, June 18, 2010


Katrielle--"God Is My Crown"

Pronounced: Kay-tree-el

For four years we've been wondering if Katrielle would join our family.  For four years we've talked about her, and I've tucked away beautiful little dresses from yard sales that have melted my heart.  Don't get me wrong, my sons are an enormous blessing and I wouldn't trade either one of them for a dozen girls, but I've always hoped to have another daughter to dress up and teach and whom could be a sister to Alathia, something I never had myself growing up.  I had prayed for the Lord to give us another girl someday and Ali has definitely prayed her share of prayers for a sister, but we weren't sure if God would answer; after all, it's up to Him and He knows best!  We had talked ourselves into it being a boy so we would be excited and not disappointed, and the heart rate was low and the midwife predicted boy.  She had been right with both of our boys in recent years!  But nevertheless, because the sickness hung on for an extra 4 or 5 weeks this time as it did with Ali's pregnancy, I couldn't shake the hope that maybe....just maybe....we'd have our little Katrielle. 
Ultrasound day arrived. 
I had trouble sleeping the night before I was so excited.
The ultrasound tech was training someone in and it was INCREDIBLY slow-going.  They took at least 30 minutes going over the head, the spine, the stomach, etc.  It was agonizing to sit and wait forever, especially since I desperately had to go potty; we just wanted to know!  Finally she pronounced it was a girl, much to my hubby's surprise.  I asked her to double check and she said, "Yes, it's a girl!"  We were sooo excited!  Even our little boys had been saying they wanted a "gweel" or a "sistah."  My dad was very shocked because he was sure he saw boy parts on the early ultrasound pics I had showed him of the 14 week ultrasound.  But everyone was thrilled when we brought home a pink bouquet of balloons!  I had my friend in Minnesota deliver a similar bouquet to Josiah's family.  Now Ali won't be the only girl among 6 grandkids on that side!  Now my mom can use the dancing pig fabric she's been saving and make Katrielle a baby quilt!
We are so excited to meet our little sweetheart.  I've been pulling out some cute things from yard sales or clearance sales that I've stashed away, little dresses and pinafores and pink pajamas and "Daddy's Little Princess" outfits.  I can't wait to buy some headbands with the big pink flowers on them that are becoming popular.  I can't wait to make our daughters matching ruffle skirts and do tea parties with them together! 


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you.Our last baby was a girl.She evened us up.We have four and four.She is six months now.We have loved every minute of it.There is something so precious about a brand new baby.Nothing can compare!!!!~Nikki

Kristin said...

Again, congratulations! But of course, I'd be saying that if it were a boy too! :-)

Just out of curiosity, is the name pronounced with a long a, short a, or an "ah" sound?

LS said...

Ah-hah! I was expecting for someone to ask me once they saw it in print eventually Kristin!

It sounds cute either way but we will pronounce it Kay-tree-el with a long a instead of like cat or cot.

iammygirlsmom said...

I can't remember if I've said, "CONGRATS" yet.... so: CONGRATULATIONS, Lindsay and family! What a beautiful name! I also wondered how you pronounce Alathia's name. Is the accent on the 2nd or 3rd syllable? When I read it, I put it on the 2nd syllable. Is that right?

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have a blog too, if you'd like to read it. I have it protected, so I'd have to invite you.... I figured since I read yours, it's only fair to allow you to read mine. It's not NEAR as fancy as yours though. ;) Seriously.


Thia said...

That is a beautiful name.

tammy l said...

Congrats; I LOVE the name you chose, too!! :)

Abdominal hernias/diastasis is very annoying... I had that especially bad with babies #3 and #4... an it is the reason I need (not just *want*) to get back to a healthy weight, since being even 10-15 pounds over my ideal weight really makes it painful or annoying or both! :P

LS said...


Please do invite me to read your blog. My e-mail is

Alathia is pronounced uh-lay-thee-uh. I guess the second syllable is the most emphasized but I usually just say it so that all four syllables are said with about equal emphasis.

iammygirlsmom said...

What beautiful names for your children, Lindsey (I'm spelling your name correctly now!) ;)

I just invited you to my blog!


Peachtree said...

Hey, yippee! We love pink & blue, but it's sure nice to have at least two of each!

Our Katri is pronounced 'cot', but all of my in-laws invariably say 'cat', much to my chagrin.

Heather said...

Congrats, Lindsey and Josiah! So happy for a healthy baby, and a girl at that!! Just consider yourself already invited to a tea party with our girls. :)

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