Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun at the Zoo!

Our family went to Salt Lake City over Memorial Day weekend since a friend of my husband was getting married.  We decided to make it a mini-family vacation!
We met up with some old friends, ate at our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, played at some parks, went for a hike, did LOTS of looking around at lots of stores we don't have here, and went to the zoo for a day.  An all-around great time!
Even though Justus is very short and little for his age, Prisca is a little shorter than him, and she is 9 months older!  What a tiny little cutie!
Evangeline, who is a year and 5 days older than her little sis, was born the day after Jeremiah
5 little munchkins sitting on a bench at Olive Garden

Family photo on our hike in a canyon

Getting ready to see the zoo!  My hubby thought it was totally dorky that I bought the kids matching sunglasses and turtle hats from the Target dollar section but it helped keep them from getting sunburned!
We spent lots of time in the hotel pool and the hot tub
Our friends swam with us one afternoon and hung out.  Angie and I have been friends from a distance for 5 years after we met and spent 2 weeks together at a CEF training.  Her and her husband are missionaries in Salt Lake.


Heather said...

Glad you had such a good time!

La Familia Garcia said...

your family is precious! looks like fun!

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