Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!

One gal was declaring all of her Christmas stuff was free, so this brand-new box of Christmas cards cost me nothing

A new, clay-looking picture frame for 25 cents

Hardly, if-ever, worn baby clothing for 20 cents.  Great for the gift stash!

Brand-new onesies and baby washcloths, 20 cents

The same gal who had scads of cheap baby girl's clothes was also selling these for 20 cents, even though they were brand-new!  I gave her closer to 50 cents each since they were so nice!

This darling little honey pot was a bit pricey.  $3 was 2-3 times more than I would usually pay but the owner said it was hand-made by a well-known potter and I figured a cheap one at Walmart would probably run me the same price or more.  I've been wanting a honey pot for a long time!

Other good deals I found that day:
Very nice leather ballet shoes in Ali's size 25 cents
Like-new ballet leotard and skirt for Ali 25 cents
Complete NIV Bible on CD, new in the box $1
Brand-new Chronological Bible $3.50
Some like-new Christian books on Creation/Evolution $1 each
L.L. Bean kid's sandals that looked hardly used 25 cents
Blue's Clues flannel sheets for Jeremiah's twin bed 25 cents
Hippo swimming floatie 25 cents
Booster carseat (identical to the one Grammy just bought us for $20) for $5
Hand towels for the bathroom 25 cents
Brand-new bottle of my favorite shaving cream $1
Brand-new bottle of my mom's favorite Mary Kay lotion $1.50
Shorts for Ali 25 cents
Underwear for Jer 10 cents each
Columbia boy's winter coat in mint condition $2

When you have a growing family living on one-income, yard sales are the place to shop!!!


Gabrielle said...

Sounds like you scored bigtime! Great job! The longer I'm a mom, the more I love hand-me-downs and yard sale items. Baby clothing is practically disposable because it's outgrown so fast!

Adell said...

Great deals! I love garage fun for the hunt and to see what ways God will bless you. Have a great Memorial Day weekend with your family!

Sandy said...

Great finds! I am a 2nd generation yard sale/garage sale/thrift store daughter & am blessed to be able to say my adult daughters are following in my footsteps! I love that we are not only saving money but also recycling!

Heather said...

Great finds! Now I want to go again!

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