Monday, November 16, 2009

Sister Swap!

I was so excited to participate in the Noel Sister Swap this year hosted by sister bloggers, Carrie of With All That I've Been Given and Monica of Homespun Heart. It was my first swap and I ended up being paired with Carrie! I enjoyed making a new friend in her and found out we have lots of things in common, including a love for stationary, hot cocoa and chocolate, and simple living! A lovely card with a handwritten note on the back was the first thing I saw!
A lovely green crock to hold Christmas cards or even Christmas goodies.

Vanilla Bean Noel hand soap from Bath n' Body Works!
A wonderful holiday scent!

Look at how cute the homemade hot cocoa was packaged! We both sent each other some hot cocoa and a chocolate bar! You can't go wrong with those! Yum!

A yummy-smelling candle

Martha Steward Christmas cards and fun stickers to decorate them with!

Christmasy paper hankies and even a little gift for the kids: an advent devotional!

Also included but not pictured here was a chocolate candy bar from Germany (fair trade item--not sure what that means but I'm guessing it's buying international goods without exploiting the workers--offering them a fair compensation).
Want to see more pics of Noel Swap Gifts, including what I put together for Carrie? Visit her blog today!


*carrie* said...

Yay! So glad you enjoyed your goodies. Your link did show up by the way.

You're right about the definition of fair trade--hope that makes the chocolate taste even better!

Thanks for being a wonderful swap partner.

thehomespunheart said...

Fun box! Thanks for being a great swapper for Carrie!

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