Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baking/Cooking Day!

The results of my two day cook-a-rama!
Multi-grain roll mixes. I just need to throw a bag in the bread machine, add water, and 2 T. butter. I find that as a homeschooling mom, I have less motivation to bake so making mixes will get the ball rolling and could also be used for holiday dinners and/or church potlucks.

Results of Day #2, minus a couple of the pizza ingredients for my son's upcoming birthday (still in the fridge). I'm doing 4 homemade pizzas for a family birthday party.

Results of Day #1, not including 4 bags of tortillas (already in the freezer), and 2 batches of Chicken Tetrazzini (we ate one for supper and gave one to my mom as a fun surprise when she dropped by after work for a minute.)

Lots of food!

Did tortillas for a couple of hours while chatting with
a dear friend on the phone (kids were asleep in bed.)

40-ish wheat tortillas ready to go! My family will have these eaten in no time!
Healthier and cheaper!

Homemade cream of chicken soup. Used wheat flour instead of white. Using natural chicken broth (no MSG) and milk and spices makes a much healthier cream soup than store-bought.
Froze it in baby food jars and when I ran out I used plastic cups and when they are frozen I plan to pop the soup out and put in a ziploc.

Cramming it all in the freezer was no easy task!

Making pumpkin pancakes (triple batch) for breakfast
Cream butter imported from Denmark was on an amazing markdown deal this week so I snatched up a few. It is delicious butter!
Super yummy granola using this recipe. I substituted butter for the oil and did a double batch.
Written Results of Baking Day:
4.5 cooked, shredded chicken breasts
1 dozen hardboiled eggs (kid snacks)
3 # elk hamburger cooked as taco meat
4 bags of brown rice
4 bags of chicken tetrazzini
5 C. zesty hummus
40 large whole wheat tortillas
2 dozen pumpkin pancakes
Pizza dough for 8 pizzas
Bagged 10# of mozzarella from Sam's Club divided into 2-pizza portions to freeze
4 multi-grain rolls mixes
4 cornbread mixes
4 large bags freezer potatoes
2 gallons honey/raisin granola
10 C. of homemade cream of chicken soup
All in all, I think it took about 10 hours of work in two days. We still did a park playdate, went to the grocery store, went to the post office, and did schooling one of those days (the other day my daughter wanted to nap, and since she NEVER wants to nap, I felt her body must really need the sleep!)
How did I get it done with kiddoes? About 6 of the cooking hours were when they were napping or in bed for the night (and my daughter colored pictures while the boys napped) and when they were awake I allowed them to watch one movie each day while I cooked. If Justus was awake he sat in his high chair and snacked or ran around in the kitchen or re-arranged my pantry (one of his favorite pasttimes.)


S. and Company said...

Hi Lindsey!
Wow, that's amazing! I've been doing a little bulk cooking, but nothing like this. What a delight that would be to have so many things prepared ahead of time. I am going to save this post on my favorites so I can go back to it when I have a few days to devote to "bulking up"! :o) I've been thinking about trying the cream of soup recipe lately. I vaguely remembered you writing about it in COF, so I'll have to go back and find the recipe! The tortillas look so good too!
Yum Yum Yum!

Hope all is well in other areas!
Blessings to you, my friend!

Julie said...

Love everything you made! If you have time, I would appreciate your recipes for the bread mix (great idea!) and the cream soup. I am always looking for a good alternative to the canned. Thanks and many blessings!


*carrie* said...


Wow, very impressive! I'm sure you'll enjoy the fruits of your labors!

Enjoyed reading your write-up of Sam's. I may go later this month with my mom since she has a membership, as I'm also interested in comparing prices on various staples.

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